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    SEO Site Structure and Link Equity

    Align Your Site Structure with Your Keyword Strategy

    Looking to rank higher in Google search results? Your site structure can contribute to a successful long-tail keyword strategy. There are many site structure considerations, including links from the homepage, navigation, breadcrumbs, cross-links, footer, and more.

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    Search Intent Pyramid with Sample Keywords

    Embrace the Long Tail in Your Keyword Strategy

    When you’re looking to improve your search engine optimization results and gain more traffic from Google to your website, it all starts with an effective content strategy. A solid content strategy is vital to SEO because its purpose is increasing site visibility.

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    Core Web Vitals: Why Cumulative Layout Shift Matters

    Part 2 in a series of articles to help leaders understand how websites gain traffic from Google. When Google Says “Jump!,” Should You Say “How …

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    The Impact of Google’s Core Web Vitals on Website Traffic — Starting June 2021

    Part of a series of articles to help leaders understand how websites gain traffic from Google. If you’ve recently worked with marketers and developers to …

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    Mobilize a Remote Workforce During COVID-19

    Is your company scrambling to maintain communications among employees due to COVID-19 and Stay-at-Home mandates? Some companies may already be equipped with all the technology …

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    Sales Prospecting Techniques in Times of Crisis

    None of us welcome “hard” or even “soft” sales techniques in the middle of a crisis. One much better approach was suggested by my friend …

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    8 Guidelines for Managing Remote Workers

    1.  Establish daily “check-ins” with their manager via phone or video. 2.  Provide communication technology options other than their phone and email, such as video …

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    6 Sales and Marketing Actions to Take During COVID-19

    1. Focus on eCommerce. Start selling products (small, inexpensive ones) and services (like training) on your website. 2.  Increase funding for digital marketing, especially digital …

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    Time to Remember Your Employee Assistance Program

    EAPs Provide Significant Benefits to Employees and Managers This new normal is a tough time for all of us, and none of us knows exactly …

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