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The Most Successful Website Migrations Prioritize SEO

When you integrate SEO best practices into your website migration, you can prevent common pitfalls, such as drastic losses in organic traffic, search rankings, and qualified leads. Safeguard your site performance and enhance your revenue with an SEO-driven migration.
SEO Audit Delivers Roadmap to Improve Search Performance

SEO expertise from simple redesigns to complex migrations.

Minimize Recovery Time

While it's common for websites to see a 20-30% drop in organic traffic post-migration, our SEO team is dedicated to ensuring a swift recovery. In fact, many of our clients have reported immediate gains, bypassing the typical post-migration slump.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Migrations are so complex that mistakes are inevitable. With hundreds of migrations under our belts, we know the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. Our SEO team is adept at swiftly identifying risks and implementing the best mitigation strategy to get the migration back on course.

Optimize Your Site for SEO from the Start

A website migration offers a golden opportunity to leapfrog competitors with an SEO-optimized site. Our SEO team offers expert SEO guidance and leadership so that your new website will not only adhere to Google's guidelines but will also be primed to unlock its full potential.

A Better Site for Visitors and Search Engines

Your user satisfaction directly impacts search rankings. We collaborate with your team or ours, including writers, designers, developers, and UX experts to create a user-friendly, search-optimized site. Prioritizing user-centric elements like faster loading, intuitive architecture, and engaging content enhances both satisfaction and search rankings.

Website migrations benefit from advanced SEO advisory

Our Team’s Track Record of Results


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Don’t go it alone. Our SEO experts are ready to start.

Boost Your Bandwidth

A site migration is a significant resource drain on your team. It’s probably not the only project in your website roadmap. Atigro can supplement your team to ensure the migration stays aligned with strategic goals, SEO requirements, and is completed on time.

Proven Migration Expertise

From local businesses to global brands, our SEO team has experience successfully managing web migrations where failure isn't an option. Atigro has the most comprehensive website migration checklist and process based on SEO best practices and our unique experiences.

Comprehensive SEO Audits

Every web migration starts with a detailed audit of all domains involved, ensuring past issues aren't transferred, and all opportunities for improvement are explored.

Latest Insights

With experience across various industries and platforms, our SEO experts provide valuable, unbiased perspectives for your in-house team to consider. We integrate the latest industry trends and best practices into our project planning.

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, a website migration might be on your horizon. Website migrations carry SEO risks, and without careful execution, it can cause long-lasting or even permanent damage to your online visibility in organic search.

Access the Complete Atigro Website Migration Checklist

The checklist is divided into Pre-launch, Launch Day, Post-launch, and Benchmarks tasks.

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