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Struggling to gain more visibility for your content with new audiences? Seeing a drop in organic traffic after Google’s Helpful Content Update? Atigro strategists leverage advanced tools and deep expertise in SEO content to deliver high-performing pages in search.
SEO Content Optimization

Proven SEO content optimization strategies to succeed.

Secure Top Organic Positions

When you secure one of the top 3 organic positions, you’ll drive the vast majority of traffic to your website. In fact, the difference between positions 3 and 4 can result in a loss of thousands of visitors daily. We focus on positioning your search result to land in top positions – redirecting competitors’ leads to you.

Navigate Algorithm Updates

Ranking in search is a moving target due to Google's recent focus on personal experience (Aug 2023 Core Update) and shift away from SEO-centric content (Sept 2023 Helpful Content Update). We create human-centric content that’s easy to crawl and index so it gets discovered by search engines. Our expertise ensures you’re always prepared for Google algorithm updates.

Cracking the E-E-A-T Code

E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) is critical in search today. With the increased use of AI content, Google is rewarding helpful content created for people (not search engines) that answers a searcher’s intent. We amplify your expertise with content infused with your SME’s experience to build trust and authority.

Ranking for Rich Results

Modern SERPs go beyond traditional blue links with rich and featured snippets, People Also Ask boxes, local map packs, video results, and knowledge panels. We maximize your presence across all search features yielding top-tier visibility for you and work with your experts to land the most authoritative answers.

Reasons to optimize your content

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We take a diverse approach to achieve optimal search results.

Topic Depth + Breadth

Achieve top SERP rankings by delving deep into topics. Search engines prefer to see topics and related subtopics covered comprehensively. We leverage data science tools and your subject matter expertise to implement a content optimization plan that achieves all of your search priorities.

Content Hubs

Our approach to content hubs is keyword-focused and logically structured to enhance search engine crawlability and reinforce your expertise. We recommend site structure optimizations to enhance content discoverability, aiding search engines in recognizing and crediting your expertise.

User-centric Linking

Anticipate user curiosity with internal links that elevate their experience with additional content that takes your audience deeper into a topic area. This linking activity improves user satisfaction and signals strong engagement to search engines too.

SERP vs. Keyword Focus

Target all SERP features to maximize your visibility, especially for highly competitive searches. We look broadly and strategically at your opportunities to answer “people also ask” questions, gain local prominence, or stand out with reviews, images or videos so you gain top results.

Anchor + Evergreen Content

Timeless “anchor content” on your website, when optimized regularly, attracts valuable backlinks and citations that strengthen your site authority. Our approach emphasizes anchor pages and evergreen content that showcase your expertise to gain search engine recognition.

Consistent Publishing

Whether guiding your writers with content briefs or creating content with our team of writers, we always prioritize a steady publishing calendar. Having a consistent cadence, sends a clear, committed signal to search engines that you provide the most relevant, helpful information.

If you are on page two of the search results, you might as well be a ghost — you’ll be there, but no one will see you. Ranking well in the search results is difficult enough already and it’s guaranteed to get more competitive in the near future. In this ruthless environment, website owners are looking for every advantage they can get.
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