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SEO Audit Delivers Roadmap to Improve Search Performance

Not sure why your organic traffic is in decline? Looking to grow search results, but not sure how? An SEO Audit led by our team of expert SEO strategists analyzes your site and performance to create a plan of prioritized action steps for improved search results.

SEO Audit Delivers Roadmap to Improve Search Performance

Our SEO audit identifies critical issues often overlooked.

Uncover Big Problems Fast

The 80/20 rule applies to diagnosing the most critical issues of an underperforming site – solving 20% of the issues will have a significant impact on optimizing your performance. That’s why we zero in on major issues within the first few days of your audit and bring them to your attention with an action plan to fix them.

Expose Hidden Opportunities

Our SEO audit approach frees you from the concern of “not knowing what you don’t know.” You may not, but we do. Each week during the audit, we shed light on new opportunities to improve search performance and consult on how best to achieve them.

Future-Proof Your Website

When you have a complete understanding of the past, you can be best informed to plan and anticipate the future. Our expert SEO strategists bring first-hand experience on how search engines have operated from their earliest days, so we can partner with you to stay ahead of the ever-evolving algorithms.

Recover From Penalties

Your website may have been impacted by an algorithm penalty without your knowledge. There are ranking systems — like Google’s Helpful Content Updates in August and December 2022 — that can devalue your entire website when it reaches a threshold of poor-quality content. Your SEO strategist can diagnose when a penalty has occurred and develop a strategy for recovery.

Reasons you need to conduct an SEO audit

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Why we’re the best partner to deliver a website audit

Deep SEO Team Experience

In a field as complex and dynamic as SEO, expertise and knowledge are key to success. The experience of our team of strategists can be measured in decades and we boast an impressive track record of results. We combine the most effective AI-driven SEO tools with the best of human expertise, creativity, and strategy. We take data, add wisdom, and quickly turn it into actionable steps you can take to capture top spots in the search results.

Personalized, Comprehensive Audit

In a world where even language is becoming a commodity, Atigro’s SEO Audit is in a league of its own. Many agencies deliver SEO audits produced by tools with standard findings – offering little to no expert analysis, interpretation, or tailoring to your business. An audit from Atigro is guaranteed to be high touch, customized to your unique situation, and leaves no stone unturned. Our SEO strategists personalize weekly calls to walk you through identified issues, explain why they matter, and prioritize how to address them.

Competitor Insights and Analysis

Knowledge drives results when the competition is fierce. Whether you’re looking to scale your business or retain your leadership position, it’s downright spooky how we can help you uncover patterns and produce insights that give you ways to get an edge on your competitors.

Independent and Unbiased

An independent strategic partner can give your internal stakeholders and executives the confidence that results will be unbiased, credible, and transparent. Sometimes a fresh, neutral perspective, a solution to a complex problem, or an effective strategy can be what you need to jumpstart your success.

Strategic Investment

When you choose ongoing advisory services, our SEO team can support your team as much as needed in a cost-effective way. We’ll work with you to analyze the best approach to ensure that you stay on the leading edge of SEO practices while being most cost-effective in time and resources.

Dedicated Monitoring

In the world of organic search, what may seem like a straightforward decision or website change can cost you traffic, leads, and ultimately revenue. Some websites have experienced an 80% drop in traffic overnight or have been completely removed from Google SERPs. Having a dedicated SEO expert to advise you and monitor your organic search assures you that you’ll avoid catastrophic issues or being removed from Google entirely.

If you are on page two of the search results, you might as well be a ghost — you’ll be there, but no one will see you. Ranking well in the search results is difficult enough already and it’s guaranteed to get more competitive in the near future. In this ruthless environment, website owners are looking for every advantage they can get.
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