Content Optimized
for Search Engines

SEO performance starts with writing the highest quality content. Are you asking why you’re not ranking for a targeted keyword or why competitive content ranks higher? You may need better content or need to
build E-A-T.

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We create relevant, engaging and high performing content.

SEO Content Writing

We interview your experts to write content that performs in search and drives your growth goals.

Web Messaging

We craft messaging that tells what you do, stands out competitively, and drives a next step.

Content Optimization

We advise your writers on how to optimize your content to be more competitive in search.

Content Audit

Looking for unbiased insights into how to improve your content? Start with a content audit.

So, what is SEO optimized content writing?

Our 6-Step Process to High Performing Content

We go a step further than writing optimized content. We add a performance lens to everything we do so your content drives interest in your core capabilities, services or products, and drives revenue.


Relevant to your audience’s search intent.

Highest Quality

Not just good, BETTER than competitive content.


Engages the right audience with the answers they seek.


Focused on target keywords where you can achieve high search rankings.


Captures attention with interesting content, images, audio and video.


Builds authority as an expert and helps you achieve your revenue goals.

The days of adding targeted keywords to a webpage and calling it “optimized for search engines” are long over. In recent years, Google has shown it strongly favors websites that have expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (known as E-A-T or EAT), which has truly become a requirement to be successful in SEO. In this article, we’ll walk through what is E-A-T and why it’s important to your performance in search engine optimization and content marketing.

Is your content truly optimized for search?

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