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    A spray cleaning bottle labeled “website cleaner"

    10 Tips for Giving Your Website a Deep Clean in the New Year

    In a year’s time, your website picks up lots of “dust and clutter” that can really hinder your SEO performance. With each new year comes new opportunities and aspirations for site owners worldwide. It is a great (and sometimes essential) time to roll up your sleeves, grab your digital marketing tools, and ensure your website

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    search engine optimization words drawn on paper with list that includes content, analysis, traffic, ranking, target, web

    Uncover Hidden SEO Issues With a Comprehensive Website Audit

    If you are on page two of the search results, you might as well be a ghost — you’ll be there, but no one will see you. Ranking well in the search results is difficult enough already and it’s guaranteed to get more competitive in the near future. In this ruthless environment, website owners are looking for every advantage they can get.

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