While any CMS has it’s complexities, WordPress is considered to be one of the most user friendly for making small daily updates. It also has capabilities which allow us to full Search Engine Optimize websites made with WordPress and well as can easily be made mobile friendly.

While a simple WordPress site can be easy to setup, there are complexities in creating a WordPress site which is ideally tailored to getting results online for your organization. ClickforHelp has been customizing WordPress websites for over 8 years and has the capabilities in house to custom program plugins and integrations so that the end website fits your organizations needs like a glove.



This customized approach is often based on making sure that your target audiences are engaged on every page of your website. This may involve putting rotating testimonials on every page, showing upcoming blog posts to showcase your organization thought leadership in its field, as well as the ability sign up for newsletters, watch videos and even purchase online as needed. We feel WordPress is a great tool and when combined with a plan to reach your online goals, is often the best tool for a small organization.