Atigro development process:
reliably great outcomes.

Our process takes your ideas from discussion to done. We’ve tuned our development to ensure the outcome matches your ambitions. It reflects industry best practices and hard-earned experience. We are driven to make every website and application even better than the last.

How We Do It

Step 01


You have them, we love them.
Lets get them all out on the table.

Step 02


Together, we’ll define your goals, identify the
users and prioritize ideas – narrowing our focus.

Step 03


We walk through “use cases” and establish the
approach, technology and open issues.

Step 04

Wireframes and prototypes

We map out the user experience flow. It makes sure we understand how it works so we’re all on the same page.

Step 05


Design connects people and technology. So messaging stands out. Calls-to-action are compelling. Functionality is smooth and helpful. Design is central to everything we do.

Step 06

Agile Methodology

Our agile methodology lets us complete work quickly while responsive to your needs and input. It optimizes development time and quality.

Step 07


This is where the magic happens.

Step 08


We build our test plan as we design the product to be certain it’s solid. We plan alpha and beta testing for feedback and confidence prior to launch.

Step 09

Launch Plan

We build the right launch plan. Whether it’s a simple website, e-commerce store or new app, you’ll be ready with communications, load planning and contingencies.

Step 10


We go live when we’re ready AND you’re ready. We celebrate with you and share it with your audience.

Step 11


Next, we roll up our sleeves to get moving with what comes next: SEO, digital marketing, content and more.

Are you ready to get moving?