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Analytics: Measure
What Matters

We build analytics into our websites and campaigns. We measure the right things so you can assess and improve. Do your analytics help you make good decisions?

We measure the right things to move you forward

Before we start a website or a campaign we ask questions:

  • What do we expect to happen?
  • What goals do we want to reach?

Then we make sure we can measure the right things to answer those questions. We show you key performance indicators (KPIs) in easy-to-digest reports to answer:

  • What did we achieve?
  • Where are the opportunities?
  • What should we do next?

Our analytics are tailored to what you care about

We provide reports that are straightforward and focused on what matters. We use what we’ve learned to refine our approach so you grow faster. We measure these metrics and more depending on your needs:
Are you interested in our sample analytics report?
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