Dedicated Virtual Private Server Hosting, Virus Protection and Support

Secure web hosting services are a crucial component of any web marketing program. Without it, your website is at risk for poor performance and service disruption, both of which could negatively impact your efforts.

Avoid these pitfalls with Atigro’s Tier 1 Private Cloud Infrastructure.

VPS Server
On the dedicated Virtual machine (4GB RAM, vCPUS) we provide access to the cPanel for your website if needed.

Our hosting includes Antivirus and malware protection. The monitoring service checks for downtime, and an email notification is sent to our team for rapid response if the website does not render properly.

Servers are configured to backup the complete website daily. We maintain weekly and monthly backups, which allows us to keep fresh copies in case a problem is not detected right away.

Simply request a support ticket via email to for up to 1/2 hour per month. Additional requests or time are $70/hr. Upon request, we will estimate tasks over 10 hours.

Support includes certain CMS security patches, however upgrades to plugins and the CMS may incur additional support charges. These are occasionally necessary to stay current with security issues.

We host websites on our Cloud Infrastructure. We provide options for website updates, and maintain core security updates on all wordpress websites.

CMS Upgrades
Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Magento, DNN, Drupal, and others require upgrading from time to time in order to stay secure and up-to-date.

We host websites on our Cloud Infrastructure and provide routine website updates.

Enterprise Hosting — Redundant Auto Failover Dedicated Virtual Private Server Hosting, Virus Protection and Support

For enterprise level clients who need to avoid any website downtime, we offer hosting of two redundant, synced sites on separate servers. In case of failure, the URL of the website will be instantly switched to the redundant site.

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