Comprehensive, Interactive Tool for Sales Reps and Channel Partner Reps

  • Use an Interactive, Integrated Sales Tool similar to what Fortune 50 Companies are now using
  • Ensure that sales reps use consistent company marketing & messages
  • Accountability & Business Intelligence: Know what is being presented to whom, and when
  • Easily navigate content to turn meetings into an immediate conversation driven by customer interests
  • Immediately and interactively show the prospects what a tailored solution looks like for them
  • An App continues to show your sales team what the clients interests are with data collection
  • Sales reps and customers always have the latest pricing, specs and collateral
  • Drive upsell activity by having instant access to demonstrate benefits of all potential offerings
  • Help the sales rep close faster with an integrated contract
  • Perfect for channel partners

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Turn Your Presentations into a Closing Conversation with an Engaging Customizable, Interactive Product Brochure

This fresh new sales approach allows you to connect with your prospect using the power of knowledge and preparedness. Our interactive product brochure apps allow you to show the most engaging aspects of your product no matter who the prospect is with the touch of a finger as well as keeping the conversation focused and on message with the benefits that prospect cares most about.

Interactive brochures turn presentations into conversations. Why is this important?

A tablet app makes it easy for your salesperson to present a product and its benefits quickly, accurately and in an engaging way while at the same time making that interaction a personal conversation. This is important because a formal presentation often misses the mark in terms of pivoting with the interest or questions of a prospect , while a conversation about your product facilitated by an engaging app ensures that the information flow matches the interest of your prospect as well as bringing out the benefits which he or she feels are important.

How does an interactive product brochure bring a faster close to a potential sale?

Typically a brochure is a leave-behind for the customer to (hopefully) mull over before making their decision to complete the sale. An interactive brochure can still be that leave-behind but with the added benefit of letting you know how interested your prospect through its embedded analytics as well as providing that prospect an easy way to navigate to the benefits and features which most interest them. This allows questions to be answered faster and in an engaging way both while the salesperson is present and/or after they leave.

Capture Valuable Business Intelligence for Follow Up and Accountability

Just as with web analytics, you can see how potential customers interact with your brochure and what features and benefits they are most interested in. What’s more you can track how your salespeople use the brochure app and interact with both prospect and existing clients. These critical business intelligence features can report back to your existing CRM and be part of your sales and marketing reporting toolset.

Offer online services linked to purchasing options and customer support

Stay on the front burner by providing wishlists, cart alerts, and promos. In this age of E-Commerce and mobile “favorites,” having these functions as a part of your digital repertoire is more than just useful; it’s critical for your business.

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