SEO + Social Media = Results

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Increase credibility, visibility and authority by ranking well in search engines and appearing in relevant online business directories. Our SEO services will generate traffic that advances your marketing objectives with real results.

If your website is not optimized for search engines, prospective clients cannot easily find you no matter how many keywords you have included in your content. Unfortunately, it also means that you are basically invisible online.

Getting Results Online (GRO) can help you get found online. In fact, our search engine optimization packages blow the competition out of the water. In our basic SEO guarantee*, we ensure that your website ranks on the first page of results for at least 10 search phrases, a level that far exceeds typical expectations. And we do it at 1/3 of the cost of most SEO specialty firms. All search engine optimization successes are verified through ranking reports from independent sources among which are Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.



Social Media

Your social media presence is an indicator of your organization´s relevance and vitality. It’s a platform to speak in an authentic voice for your organization and position it as a thought leader and trusted resource within your industry.


An authentic voice is a human voice which sounds real, not marketing jargon or over the top sales hype. It is important to not only have an authentic voice in the social media sphere, but to incorporate that authentic voice into your entire web presence. We view the web presence of an organization  as an opportunity to provide a message that resonates across all of your strategically integrated web-based channels, including social media, websites, public relations, search marketing and online ads.



Whether you are participating in social media or not, people are forming opinions about your business, its leaders and your products. Help shape those opinions by shaping your message across your entire web presence, including social media. It’s a critical way to communicate your value and, done well, can give you a strategic advantage.

Atigro can help you establish thought leadership, have a consistent and compelling social media presence and easily form and share the authentic voice your customers want to hear.