Sales Accelerator Apps: Digital Catalogs

Print is dead. The catalog is not. A digital catalog app is more engaging, current, cost effective and customizable than paper ever could be. It is also a necessary supplement to your e-commerce presence. Here’s why…
  • Use an Interactive, Integrated Sales Tool similar to what Fortune 50 Companies are now using
  • Ensure that sales reps use consistent company marketing & messages
  • Accountability & Business Intelligence: Know what is being presented to whom, and when
  • Easily navigate content to turn meetings into an immediate conversation driven by customer interests
  • Immediately and interactively show the prospects what a tailored solution looks like for them
  • App continues to show your sales team what the clients interests are with data collection
  • Sales reps and customers always have the latest pricing, specs and collateral
  • Drive upsell activity by having instant access to demonstrate benefits of all potential offerings
  • Help the sales rep close faster with an integrated contract
  • Perfect for channel partners

Don’t Broadcast, Engage!

There are many benefits to integrating this tool into your sales plan. With the interactive digital catalog, your customers know the exact dimensions of their order. The multimedia format really allows your customers to engage with the material, rather than just reading it on a static page.  The customers can also select options and preferences which customize or personalize the content to their needs.   This “hands-on” approach makes your customers feel like they are truly part of the sales process, rather than just the recipients of a “spiel”.

But I have an e-commerce website, why an app?

A website is made to be scrollable and with as much content as possible on single page. An app is made for interaction – the content fills the page with an interface which allows intuitive interaction and exploration of your products and supporting materials. There’s also an invitation to request maintenance, assistance or transition to an online order.

You can increase viewer focus and readability with interactive page layouts. This multifunctional app allows customers to decide which article they want, circle it and come back to it later, compare items side by side, make notes, and share with friends/coworkers/clients via social media—thereby enhancing your reach.

Capture Valuable Business Intelligence for Follow Up and Accountability

Just as with web analytics, you can see how potential customers interact with your brochure and what features and benefits they are most interested in. What’s more you can track how your salespeople use the digital catalog apps and interact with clients. Both of these critical business intelligence features can report back to your existing CRM.

Offer online services linked to purchasing options and customer support.

Stay on the front burner by providing wish lists, cart alerts, and promos. In this age of eCommerce and mobile “favorites,” having these functions as a part of your digital repertoire is more than just useful; it’s critical for your business.

Digital App Catalogs stay Current.

Our Digital App Catalogs will check for updates each time there is an internet connection available, ensuring that the latest product information is available to both your sales people and your clients.