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Successful Mobile App Prototype to Secure Funding

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Situation: PubRule is a startup that is currently seeking investment in a new app called “Pub Rule.” The primary function of the app is to crowdsource survey feedback from users’ social networks to help guide their personal decisions, like what to buy, eat or spend time doing. The primary target audience for the app skews younger from 18 to 30 years old. This demographic currently seeks inputs to decisions via a fragmented set of social or messaging applications. With Pub Rules, the goal is to create a centralized way to issue mini-surveys to collect inputs from the users’ social network to inform their decision.

Problem: When the client came to us they had developed an initial prototype of the app, however, it wasn’t usable and the survey functionality wasn’t scalable for distribution. There is a high bar placed on usability expectations for mobile apps, especially by socially savvy users. The prototype was missing many core features, for example, a way to invite people to the app to engage in the survey.

Solution: During the initial discovery phase, the first step was to define clear user needs. Then from these user needs, a key set of features for the crowdsourced survey application were detailed in a business requirements document. The goal was to define a minimally viable product (MVP) that would be commercially viable to attract investors.

During the user experience phase, the architecture was planned out in detailed wireframes for each use case. This phase was critical to ensure that technical functional requirements would be documented for development so that the mobile app would be usable and scalable. We finalized a very detailed requirements document with the client before development began to ensure that our client would get the desired functionality in an appealing interface.

Impact: Pub Rules is currently using the fully-functional prototype to secure funding for the launch of the application. The client is conducting initial usability testing and Atigro receives agile input to improve the application as feedback is received.

Technology: As a mobile web app, Pubrule is available for both IOS and Android. This application can also be used as a PWA or Web Application. The key difference between the two is that a PWA can be installed on any device, be it a desktop or mobile device.

To develop the Pubrule app, we used Java 11, Spring Boot, MongoDB, Robo 3T for accessing MongoDB, and React Native Framework.

Pubrule Application is designed with the following features:

Registration and Login Module

  • Users can use the app registration to create an account or create an account using social logins like Google and Facebook
  • Registered users can log in with social media login or a registered email and password
  • Users can recover the passwords using forgot password and reset password options
  • Users can edit the profile, upload profile images anytime after the account is activated
  • Users can opt for a newsletter subscription either at the registration time or they can view the profile and update the information

Survey Creation

  • Users can log in and create survey questions
  • Users can save the survey as a draft/Post or Cancel the survey question
  • Notification of responses is provided in real-time to the survey owner
  • Users can invite non-App users to participate
  • User-uploaded images and videos take advantage of AWS cloud services

Create Groups

  • Users can create groups to communicate with
“For several years I have dreamed of starting this App. The journey has not been easy and having interacted with numerous developers over the years I thought that my dream would never materialize. Enter Atigro, and the experience has been a game-changer! Atigro worked tirelessly to develop clear technical requirements and simplified wireframes to execute this project. I am truly appreciative of the team of professionals as they are instrumental in making my dream a reality From this great foundation, I now have a working prototype product that has resulted in successful user testing.”

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