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10.01.20 10 Ways to Close Sales Faster During COVID-19

Join us for our virtual coffee to hear John Asher, CEO of Asher Strategies, share the most effective sales strategies to close sales faster during COVID-19. He’ll walk us through how buyer behavior has dramatically changed in the last six months and discuss new techniques that CEOs, sales managers, and salespeople can utilize to immediately close deals faster.

Recent attendees for this webinar shared: “highly relevant and extremely useful to all sales, marketing and executive leaders” and “one of the best presentations I’ve ever heard.

  • Enhance sales techniques to close deals faster during COVID-19
  • Look for new market needs and appeal to current buyer behaviors
  • Reevaluate everything – throw out our “status quo bias”
  • Adapt processes, training and technologies to a 90% remote sales environment
  • Plan for the job skills and hiring criteria that’ll be in high demand post-COVID

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Speaker & Moderator

John Asher

John Asher
Asher Strategies


Ken Fischer

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