The quality is spot-on: we receive 2-3 qualified leads daily from organic search and paid ads, even on a modest SEO and SEM budget. We’ve tracked these leads and discovered our closing rate is higher from Atigro-sourced leads than from all other sources. Our stats ‘speak truth.’ Our investment in Atigro’s digital marketing services has more than paid for itself… many times over.
Brian Gaughan, CEO/General Manager, Carroll Water Systems
We’ve had the pleasure of working with Atigro to revamp our public-facing website and assist with the development of our strategic plan. I have found the entire Atigro team to be professional, creative and extremely responsive. They took the time to learn about who we are, what we do and who our audiences are and delivered a product that is professional looking and easy to navigate—one that exceeded our expectations. I particularly appreciated their attention to detail, their ability to problem-solve and their genuine interest in delivering a product we would all be proud of. I can highly recommend Atigro for any website and marketing needs you may have.
Jihane Rohrbacker, Executive Director, Special Needs Alliance
Atigro helped us to crystalize our thinking, recognize our strengths, and then put them together into a modern, refined website. The results authentically reflect who we are in a way that feels powerful and elevated. The brand new website is already the core of our online strategy and ready to build long-term growth for us.
Lizz Durante, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Payroll Network
We struggled to explain what we did or who we did it for. Atigro helped us make our message crystal clear. In fact, recently a business colleague recommended us to someone. They visited our website, called us, and proceeded to tell us what we did. They are now a new client. The messaging does exactly what we need it to do. It’s a game changer. They visited our website, called us, and proceeded to tell us what we did. They are now a new client. The messaging does exactly what we need it to do. It’s a game changer.
Ola Sage, CEO, Cyber RX
We are getting complements on our new website and blog from new potential clients and a partner I have not spoken with in months. This is the best investment I have made in my business in years!
Marc Freedman, CEO, Expense to Profit

Our website actually sells. For the first time ever, we had a major association solicit us entirely due to our new website. Never thought this would happen! Our website is helping to make the sales and convey our value rather than being a brochure that simply validates who we are.

David Schulman, President, Associations Rewired
Atigro set us up with a clearly differentiated position in a crowded marketplace. The language makes a very technical solution easy to understand. Our website and our new sales enablement materials are making it much easier for us to work with our resellers.
Michael Thompson, Founder, VP Sales and Strategy, Sky Data Vault
Atigro helped us tremendously by making it clear what our software does for our clients and what it’s benefits are in a compelling way. This was a very important step on our shift from a hardware company to a software company, as well as shifts we have made in our industry focus. We are in a unique position in the market, now we can get across our value proposition.
Jonathan Murray, CEO, Pixel-Velocity
Developing my new website has been quite a journey and learning experience. What I really appreciate about Atigro is their creativity, directness, patience, and passion. They were true partners and provided tremendous ideas about developing and marketing my site, including graphics and a color that really pops and content that draws readers in. I learned a lot about tools that can help me connect with my audience. I also appreciate that Atigro comunicates to me in layperson’s terms unlike many web experts. I worked a great deal with Deb and felt she was always there for me. The entire team has been very responsive, helpful and always cheerful. Thank you, Deb, and thank you, all of Atigro.
Ines LeBow, CEO, Enterprise Transformation Solutions

Atigro helped us rethink the way we communicate with external audiences. They not only provided insight into our marketing efforts, but also helped us position our company more effectively with investors. We now have a much clearer and more compelling path forward, and have been more successful at articulating how our entry into the marketplace will benefit patients, insurers and investors.

Charles Nahabedian, CEO, Videokall LLC
After my project kick-off meeting my confidence soared. Atigro asked the right questions, cut through my stories and excess, and got to the core of what I needed to say and to whom. The narrative work led to a smart site design and created what I think is a stunning website that communicates both emotionally and logically what I do and who I do it for. I’m delighted, confident and ready to roar! … Or at least to go get some more business.
Jessie Newburn, Principal, GenerationsWork

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