We’ve been working with Ken and his team for years. Originally, we were slow to adopt technology. We had the same website for a long time, built in an obsolete program. We have rebuilt our website from the ground up, and updated all the back end technology. Now we have up-to-date software, better reporting, and our clients respond electronically. And it’s user friendly.When we need it, we get prompt support. Reliable communication is something I really appreciate.Atigro continues to make a positive impact. They offer useful recommendations that truly help us. That’s only possible because they know us, they know our business requirements, and anticipate our future needs.
Barbara Nitschke, VP Administration, Goodwill Communications
We had been working with an individual developer, but wanted a team with a deeper tech bench for more robust blog support and website development.Atigro helped us think of new things we could be doing with technology and our web presence. That was critical. They provided advice and coaching on ways we could improve our security, reach and visibility.Atigro’s SEO support helped us with our mission at a time when health policy was under dramatic change. They helped us think through an approach to launching topic hubs to attract readers and improve our discoverability. After implementing a strategy and going through training provided by Atigro, we quickly moved to Page 1 of Google for key terms, including Culture of Health and Trumpcare.
Jane Hiebert-White, Executive Publisher, Health Affairs
Atigro built our new CMS and helped us integrate that with our current AMS. That made a huge difference. Prior, we had a CMS that was dysfunctional and outdated. We had duplicate pages which required duplicate entry, and our SEO was out of sorts. Atigro systematized our SEO, and deduped duplicate pages. The end result made it easy on site visitors, and it’s worlds better than where we came from.The most important thing was their availability. When we needed, we were able to get responses, fast. Being a phone call away was important to us. Throughout the process, Atigro was accountable, and focused their attention on details. They asked us the right questions, too.
Jamien Payne, Director of IT & Membership, American Association of Tissue Banks
Given our strict deadline of 8 weeks, the team at Atigro worked diligently and tirelessly to create our marketing materials and get the new website up and running. They worked hand in hand with my team every step of the way to ensure every aspect of the new website delivered our messaging.
Matt Van Haaren, CEO, Pixel-Velocity.com
Developing my new website has been quite a journey and learning experience. What I really appreciate about Atigro is their creativity, directness, patience, and passion. They were true partners and provided tremendous ideas about developing and marketing my site, including graphics and a color that really pops and content that draws readers in. I learned a lot about tools that can help me connect with my audience. I also appreciate that Atigro comunicates to me in layperson’s terms unlike many web experts. I worked a great deal with Deb and felt she was always there for me. The entire team has been very responsive, helpful and always cheerful. Thank you, Deb, and thank you, all of Atigro.
Ines LeBow, CEO, Enterprise Transformation Solutions
Atigro’s online marketing services were critical to successfully achieve our goal of 50 new clients each month!
Dr. Uppasna Chand, Mclean Family Dentist
Atigro’s guidance and technology recommendations helped us set a clear course. We have complete confidence in their ability to develop our custom web apps, and I anticipate a long term, successful relationship.
Michael H. Kaplan, Founder & CEO, Taivaco
Atigro helped us clarify our priorities and move forward a step at a time. Each month they reallocate time and effort based on our priorities and the previous month’s results. It had clearly increased the number of leads we get from our website as well as helped us pivot our marketing toward the commercial sector, by focusing on one segment of the market at a time.
Rick Franz, CEO LB&B Associates
Atigro helped us rethink the way we communicate with external audiences. They not only provided insight into our marketing efforts, but also helped us position our company more effectively with investors. We now have a much clearer and more compelling path forward, and have been more successful at articulating how our entry into the marketplace will benefit patients, insurers and investors.
Charles Nahabedian, CEO Videokal LLC

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