Special Needs Alliance

Clarified and organized

Before After

Problem: The website was dated. The site had a decade’s worth of valuable content, but it was disorganized and hard for users to find the information they wanted quickly. People frequently misunderstood their mission and purpose.

Solution: We took their team through a process to illuminate their mission and purpose. We zeroed in on each audience and the different types of content each seeks out. We launched a new site that’s modern, clear and well organized and laid the foundation for effective SEO.

Impact: “Atigro to revamped our public-facing website and assisted with the development of our strategic plan. The entire Atigro team is professional, creative and extremely responsive. They took the time to learn about who we are, what we do and who our audiences are and delivered a product that is professional looking and easy to navigate—one that exceeded our expectations. I particularly appreciated their attention to detail, their ability to problem-solve and their genuine interest in delivering a product we would all be proud of. I can highly recommend Atigro for any website and marketing needs you may have.”

– Jihane Rohrbacker, Executive Director, Special Needs Alliance

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