Open Invention Network

Open Invention Network

Solutions Employed

  • Customized WordPress Website
  • Accelerated Hosting with Malware Protection
  • Maintenance including CMS Updates
  • Custom Module to Integrate e-Signature Program
  • New Database for Patent Library

What We Did
Atigro developed a new, responsive website for the organization. In addition, we initiated accelerated hosting with multiple backups and malware protection, while providing ongoing site maintenance including CMS updates.

We also developed a custom module to integrate an e-signature tool for new members and created a new database for the client’s extensive patent library.

Executive Summary
Atigro is honored to have been chosen to develop, host and maintain the official website for Open Invention Network (OIN). We continue to serve as a technical resource for OIN.

This world-renowned organization acquires and shares intellectual property to promote a collaborative Linux ecosystem. They do this by providing a royalty-free license to OIN’s strategic intellectual property portfolio and cross licensing Linux System patents between OIN community members.

Based on our full cycle digital model, we provided the client with a comprehensive solution that included a new, responsive website, a tailored module to integrate with their existing e-signature system, and a custom web-based database application for their extensive patent library. Each unique element was designed to work seamlessly in conjunction with the organization’s existing platforms. Atigro continues to provide hosting and maintenance support.

In 2013, Open Invention Network had an aging website that was not mobile-friendly. In addition, they needed a customized website designed to meet the needs of their current and future members.

For over five years, membership had remained steady. In order to increase signups, a new, user-friendly tool was needed if OIN wanted to increase participation and commitments from site visitors.

Since OIN maintains a shared patent pool, it was imperative that they make their growing IP library accessible to the membership for both immediate and future needs.

Atigro created a customized website in WordPress. This responsive (mobile-friendly) site continues to allow the organization to maintain the official online definition of Linux.

The website and digital marketing tools we developed helped the organization boost membership from a steady 300 in the previous five years to over 1,000 members within one year.

We built a custom module to integrate with an e-signature system. Ultimately, our solution played a key part in their membership growth, as it simplified the online registration process.

Of note is the database Atigro tailored for Open Invention Network. This solution grants search and access functions to the organization’s extensive library of patents.

In keeping with the organization global role, Atigro created a Chinese language website which mirrors the English language site’s custom functionalities. On behalf of OIN, Atigro maintains this website in China, ensuring that it can be found via Chinese search engines.

Open Invention Network’s new website presented an updated, professional look and feel. Compared with their older site, the new website was designed to be easily updated, while displaying complex information in a more consumable way.

Open Invention Network is a shared defensive patent pool with the mission to protect Linux. Launched in 2005, OIN has strong industry support with backing from Google, IBM, NEC, Philips, Red Hat, Sony, SUSE, and Toyota. Any company, project or developer that is working on Linux, GNU, Android or any other Linux-related software is welcome to join OIN, free of charge or royalties.

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