A Clubhouse Discussion Between Atigro and Radio Free Enterprise

Jessie Newburn, Atigro’s Business Development and Partner Program Director, shared her Clubhouse experience and insights into the growing possibilities of the audio-only app with Frank Felker on Radio Free Enterprise.

Released in April 2020, Clubhouse in comparison to social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, converts social discussions into live dialogues. Jessie shared during her interview, “A big part of the DNA of Clubhouse is accessibility and community.”

Jessie further highlighted how Clubhouse has become a tool many marketing, public relations, and branding experts are tapping into. Companies and industry experts are engaging in Clubhouse rooms to:

  1. Share industry trends,
  2. Collaborate on ideas,
  3. Develop business connections and much more.

Clubhouse opened its virtual doors to members worldwide to enter a room of their choice for human connection through voice. The platform disrupts the traditional concept of networking, commonly done in-person, and allows connections between

Listen and watch the interview to learn more about how you can be a part of the Clubhouse community.

Kim BulgerKim Bulger is the CMO at Atigro. She is an outsourced CMO advising nonprofits on digital marketing, content marketing, engaging websites, and online engagement of customers, members and donors.

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