McLean Family Dentistry

McLean Family Dentistry

Technologies Employed
Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Targeted Ad Management, Blog and Newsletter Content Guidance

What We Did
Atigro helped McLean Family Dentistry reach their goal of 50 new patients per month and 20-30 calls per month from organic search.

“Atigro’s online marketing services were critical to successfully achieving our goal of 50 new clients each month!”
Dr. Uppasna Chand, Founder and President, McLean Family Dentistry

Executive Summary
Mclean Family Dentistry switched from a national dental marketing company to Atigro because they felt their online marketing was less than optimal.

Fewer than ten percent of the practice’s patients were finding them online. For a practice based in tech-obsessed Northern Virginia, these numbers were unacceptable.

Atigro updated their website to increase conversions, optimized the site to boost search engine optimization results, initiated and managed targeted ads, and coordinated with the practice on monthly blog posts and newsletters.

Today over one third of Dr. Chand’s patient base comes from being found online.

Originally, this Northern Virginia-based dental practice chose a national dental marketing company as their digital marketing and website vendor. That meant they were provided with a standardized website and a pre-packaged marketing plan. It worked, but the ROI and growth rate wasn’t thrilling for a young practice with ambitious growth plans.

Understandably, Dr Chand had reservations about investing in digital marketing. The technology was unfamiliar to her and she didn’t know what types of measurable results she could attribute to the investment.

However, with fewer than ten percent of her patients coming from online marketing and her comfortable source of family, friends and referrals running dry, she knew that if she wanted to grow her business, she had to invest in a full-cycle digital marketing strategy.

Dr. Chand was impressed with our standard money-back guarantee: 20 first-page placements on Google Keywords Search (verified by third-party analytics) within six months. Our guarantee and commitment to work hand in hand with her team helped her choose Atigro as their digital marketing partner.

Atigro made her practice’s website more appealing. It was designed to pull people deeper into the site, convert to patients (by filling out a form or calling the office to make an appointment) and increased the number of pages viewed per visit.

We also improved the responsiveness (mobile-friendly) of her online presence. As more than 50% of searches are now done on mobile phones, this made it easier for visitors to get directions and call the office.

We highlighted the voices of her patients, which increased trust, credibility, and word of mouth recommendations.

As people often feel a need to trust their dentist implicitly, we showcased Dr. Chand and her staff on the site. In this way, Dr. Chand became more personable, recognizable and trustworthy, which supported increased new patient calls and appointments.

Working in tandem with Dr. Chand and her staff, we focused on keywords that identified and attracted the most sought after website visitors, e.g. people who are geographically nearby and are looking for the dentistry services she offers.

We incorporated before-and-after photo transitions that were both interesting and captivating.

Atigro set up a very cost-effective remarketing ad campaign for the practice. This is a cost effective technique in which ads “follow” visitors after they’ve been to her website.

We provided monthly stats to track how many online forms were being completed, how many new calls were coming in (and from what sources), and from where patients were finding her online. We also worked with her office manager for continual site improvements to attract and convert more site visitors and new patients.

Our hosting service improved her site’s speed (which helped with search engine rankings) and fortified the site’s security against malware.

Atigro applied expert search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to significantly increase site visitors and get the website found by more people, more often. And not just more people in general, but specifically more people in her targeted geographic area who had “buying intent” to find and make an appointment with a dentist offering the specific services she offered.


  • Fifty-two new incoming calls last month from sources we can directly track and connect to our full-cycle digital marketing efforts; and about 70 new calls per month overall.
  • Within seven months, we doubled the number of referrals from the web and incoming calls.
  • Some of her blog posts have been included on nationally known dentist blogs, increasing her professional stature and her site’s SEO
  • We increased the number of patients saying they found Dr. Chand on the web by 300 percent.

“People like the website. It’s easy to navigate, and they can do everything from paperwork, to set up appointments online.”

“What Atigro does is get us noticed. How it does that, I don’t know. What I do know is that we check our numbers each month, and we’ve been very content with the results and business growth. We’ve been very happy to have so many more trackable, specific fresh leads and new clients. I know I made a good business investment in choosing Atigro for my digital marketing company.”


McLean Family Dentistry
McLean Family Dentistry offers comprehensive general, pediatric, cosmetic and emergency dentistry. A single office practice, they target new patients in the Northern Virginia vicinity including McLean, Vienna, Falls Church, Great Falls, Arlington and Alexandria.

Atigro is a digital marketing technology firm based in Tysons Corner, Virginia. The company specializes in web marketing, effective SEO, messaging, mobile applications and website development. Clients include businesses, nonprofits and associations seeking to improve their online performance, get found more often by more people, and increase conversion rates.

Atigro developed a comprehensive Full Cycle Digital Solution for growing organizations. It’s a proven approach to web marketing that simplifies, and amplifies, online marketing, and encompasses the five building blocks of successful web marketing: Website Build, SEO & Social Signals, Optimized Content, Accelerated Hosting, and Maintenance with Support.

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