6 Sales and Marketing Actions to Take During COVID-19

1. Focus on eCommerce. Start selling products (small, inexpensive ones) and services (like training) on your website.
2.  Increase funding for digital marketing, especially digital ads for new emerging offerings.
3.  Focus on your current customers by upselling and cross-selling.
4.  “Sharpen the saw” by providing training to the sales and marketing teams.
5.  Develop strong ROI case studies in order to convince prospects to buy from you.
6.  Provide sales and marketing people with the tools to enable working smarter. The elite sales and marketing people are experts at these four technology tools:

  • Subscribe to www.Crystalknows.com to determine the personality types of prospects before contacting them in order to reach out with a customized email or phone call.
  • Provide marketing people and hunter salespeople (both inside and outside) with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Just one tool, the advanced search technique, can provide the following:
    • Marketing team: Account-based marketing to identify companies who are potential qualified leads.
    • Sales team: Identifying buyers who are potential qualified leads. Identifying all other buyers and influencers in a company once the buyer is identified.
  • Provide a good CRM to all marketing and salespeople so that lead identification and follow up is efficient and at best practice.

  • Use marketing automation software to allow the marketing team to automatically send the prospect exactly the right amount of information at exactly the right time in their journey on the way to becoming a qualified sales lead.

John AsherAbout Author: John Asher is CEO of Asher Strategies providing online and virtual sales training to help businesses close deals faster.

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