Health Affairs

Health Affairs

Technologies Employed
Search Engine Optimization, Trend Targeting, Website Maintenance with Security

Executive Summary
Health Affairs, a nonprofit Health Policy Journal and online Magazine, turned to Atigro help on a variety of technology and marketing challenges. Our Full Cycle Digital tools and services provided a comprehensive evaluation and digital strategy, key term identification, optimization strategies, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Our web maintenance, planning and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services resulted in elevating Health Affairs to the first page of Google for a major new topic category just 3 weeks after that topics launch as well as other substantial increases in web traffic, time on site, and number of pages viewed per session. We are also in the process of implementing a new website solution which will make their web presence more effective, robust and easier to manage.

The client identified several digital marketing objectives. Among these was a desire to streamline and simplify common website update procedures. Over time, they had incorporated different software solutions which complicated even basic website updates.

They needed Atigro to oversee web maintenance activities, as well as document what technologies they had in place, and establish procedures to recreate or restore their web properties in case of server failure

This meant they needed to allocate additional time to complete ordinary procedures, which caused frustration for staff and management. For example, the client had seven different technologies feeding into their website, making updates difficult. Just to make a simple banner change, they had to modify up to six unrelated systems.

By default, the client enjoyed strong search engine rankings because of their unique position in their sector, combined with their well-deserved reputation as a leading journal in their field. However, they were not fully aware of the potential impact they could enjoy with a fine-tuned SEO strategy, nor did they comprehend the significant growth in readership possible with an SEO program tailored for them.

On a related note, the client had identified a specific term for which they wanted to be found. Lacking the necessary tools and experience, they were not able to achieve their desired results in a timely manner. At this point, the client also expressed an eagerness to explore strategies to improve their overall SEO general performance.

Determine Best Technology
From the onset, it was clear that the client needed a thorough review of their existing technologies to understand what technologies they had, what was working for them, and what was causing unnecessary challenges.

As a critical first step, Atigro worked with the client to document what technologies they had in place, where it was located, and to ensure it was backed up. We also formulated a plan of action which included steps to streamline their software, ultimately simplifying their website update process.

Analyze Industry for Successful Digital Transition Strategy
During the initial discovery stage, Atigro also found that the client did not have sufficient competitor data, particularly regarding how other world-renowned journals successfully transitioned from print-only to both print and digital formats.

Atigro was asked to complete a detailed sector analysis to identify what processes, procedures and technologies similar organizations had used for their switch to online journal operations. This comprehensive report with presentation was very well received by the client, and played a crucial role in future decision making regarding both technology applications and anticipated results.

Search Engine Optimization
Although the client had enjoyed impressive page rankings, this was primarily a result of their longstanding presence in their unique sector. And while they were satisfied with the strong results, they did not recognize the potential for visitor growth available with a targeted SEO strategy.

Atigro’s in-house SEO expertise developed a plan of action for the client. Of note is the training and guidance Atigro provided to the client, which enabled them to optimize their own content. Additionally, Atigro worked with the client to employ Social Media Signals to boost overall SEO performance.

In order to accommodate the client’s request to be found for a new search phrase, Atigro began an SEO campaign designed specifically to meet this goal. Following a series of technical changes we implemented, the client achieved first page rankings for a targeted phrase within two weeks of launch.

Content Strategy
We also advised the client regarding how to identify certain trending topics. This resulted in record traffic after one such targeted article went viral on social media.

Maintenance with Support
Prior to choosing Atigro as their technology partner, the client struggled with support. They had been managing multiple vendors, often with slow response times. Since those vendors did not provide comprehensive or advisory support, what the client got was not always what they asked for. With Atigro, the client immediately enjoyed a one-stop support solution for answers, which led to improved productivity, and ultimately, cost savings.

A Better Maintained Website
We made a redundant spare as a prudent precaution. As in this case, clients often underestimate their backup requirements. We also identified all components of their website so that Atigro could apply repairs on the backend as needed.

Improved Performance
Atigo applied tools and strategies that accelerated their website performance, including improved onpage times and higher numbers of pageviews per visit.

The client implemented our security recommendations which included improved backup procedures, updated malware protection and redundancies with a hot spare in case of server failures.

Bethesda, Maryland based Health Affairs is the leading journal of health policy thought and research. The peer-reviewed journal was founded in 1981 under the aegis of Project HOPE, a nonprofit international health education organization. Health Affairs explores health policy issues of current concern in domestic and international spheres. Its mission is to serve as a high-level, nonpartisan forum to promote analysis and discussion on improving health and health care, and to address such issues as cost, quality, and access.

The journal reaches a broad audience that includes: government and health industry leaders; health care advocates; scholars of health, health care and health policy; and others concerned with health and health care issues in the United States and worldwide.

Atigro is a digital marketing technology firm based in Tysons Corner, Virginia. The company specializes in web marketing, effective SEO, messaging, mobile applications and complex website development. Clients include businesses, nonprofits and associations seeking to improve their online performance, get found more often by more people, and increase conversion rates.

Atigro developed a comprehensive Web Marketing Solution for growing organizations. It’s a proven, all-in-one approach to web marketing that simplifies, and amplifies, online marketing, and encompasses the five building blocks of successful web marketing: Website Build, SEO & Social Signals, Optimized Content, Accelerated Hosting, and Maintenance with Support.