Goodwill Communications

Goodwill Communications

Solutions Employed

  • Determined best technologies based on future client needs
  • Transformed existing processes to digital applications
  • Simplified media distribution for broadcasters
  • Developed a reporting application to calculate campaign value

Executive Summary
To take the client’s business digital, Atigro successfully developed solutions, including a cutting-edge reporting and media distribution system that transitioned the client’s services into an online, digital platform. This solution was specifically designed to satisfy the needs of large nonprofit organizations and government agencies, as well as local and national broadcasters. Satisfied with the results, the client recently contacted Atigro for additional services, including a complete revamp of their website.

With over 30 years experience in the public service ad industry, our client had earned a reputation for leadership and integrity in the PSA management sector. In order to maintain their status and stay at the forefront of their industry, and best serve their client base, they recognized the vital role digital applications would play in their future. They turned to Atigro for marketing technology guidance, planning and implementation.

The client’s services remained relevant for both the messengers (government agencies and nonprofit organizations) as well as the broadcasters, including television, radio, print and outdoor display media companies. However, the client’s services needed to be made available in a digital format to accommodate a rapidly changing marketplace. Media firms began to embrace digital solutions as digital services grew in popularity.

The client required a solution that would permit users to download a variety of PSAs for different media applications, including video, audio, and print. This would also result in substantial cost savings, as the client no longer needed to duplicate tangible media, such as video tapes. Further savings were realized by cutting the cost of producing marketing collateral and traditional mail campaign materials thanks to the transition to digital products.

At the same time, the client wanted a solution for government agencies and nonprofit organizations that would allow them to log into their accounts for access to key reports. These reports play a vital role in helping agencies understand the impact of their PSAs. For example, the client wanted to generate reports to demonstrate the value of a PSA compared with a traditional ad campaign’s cost, effectiveness and audience reach.

During our discovery phase, we analyzed the client’s legacy reporting system. That led to planning for an online, interactive user experience.

Atigro created a unique application that calculated the value of a PSA campaign. While the client had a basic reporting system, it was not keeping up with current demands and it was not available online. We transformed it into an interactive, online platform that saved the client time and capital.

Our calculator application incorporates numerous data points, including audience size and reach, the number of times a PSA was aired, and the timeslots it played in. Data is imported directly from multiple sources, including Nielsen. By comparing costs with traditional advertising channels, nonprofits and government agencies are able to confirm the earned value of their PSA campaigns.

In addition, Atigro developed one application with two parts. The public facing part provided digital access to PSAs for broadcasters. It’s a platform that enables account holders to login and search through dozens of PSAs, and download the files for immediate use. This solution dramatically simplified and enhanced the process of PSA distribution across the country.

The second part of our solution was a revamped reporting system. We modernized the reporting process, replacing hand-compiled reports with modern replacements, saving the client time and capital. The result was impressive, enabling agencies and nonprofits to review a complete analysis and breakdown of a PSA campaign effectiveness. The reporting includes distribution, play times, and impact, as well as the equivalent dollar value compared with traditional advertising channels.

The online applications we developed helped the client maintain a competitive advantage in their sector. And since the initial launch, we’ve added more features, including integration that allows broadcasters to simulate PSAs in specific timeslots for a contextual review. The latest features allow the client to offer customized services for even greater ROI.

Goodwill Communications (GWC) is an established leader in the field of PSA (Public Service Advertising) management. For more than 30 years, they have helped over 170 of the largest non-profits and government agencies in the USA launch successful PSA campaigns across all media, from planning to evaluation of PSA campaign results. Bill Goodwill, the CEO, is credited with inventing methods to evaluate the effectiveness of PSA distribution.

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