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Digital Marketing


At Atigro , we believe that marketing technology without a strategy for audience engagement puts a paperweight on your marketing plan. Having an open, well-informed and collaborative process in developing a marketing strategy is key to making the most effective use of available web and mobile tools.

Our guiding goals in developing a strategy are to be found, connect with, engage and become adopted by the audiences targeted by our clients. We do not limit ourselves with only a handful of technologies.


A marketing campaign is not a Science Project. But it can feel like one. Keeping up with the latest technology is frustrating. It eats time and asks, “Will this be obsolete in 18 months?” Using the right practical digital marketing tools and services does not have to be complicated. What is means is that your organization can use the same tools and technology previously only available to the largest players. That’s what we level the playing field.


We chose from a wide array of proven web and mobile tools to create a customized solution to achieve these fundamental audience-centered goals. We can do this because we are supported by over 400 technology professionals and by our network of marketing experts called atigro.

Atigro provides practical digital marketing tools and services that level the playing the field. We’re a [proven] digital marketing tools & services company. Atigro clients are small to medium sized enterprises across corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors. Get closer to your customers. The goal is to get your audience to say, “Tell me more.”