Marketing Strategy


A kinda-geeky, yet very functional, workshop on opting blog posts

No question about it, we love doing SEO! And for all the hootin’ and hollerin’ that says SEO is a black hole of wasted money, we resoundingly disagree. And so do our clients and their monthly stats and analytics. Now, as you know, SEO is part art and part science, a blend of strategy, technical know-how and content. Tough to

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Our Atigro Partner Program page is up. Any questions I can answer?

As you may know, Atigro often partners with web design and marketing professionals (as well as others in the field), bringing deep technical expertise with SEO, web integrations, digital marketing and app development to the table. We find that this partnership works really well for boutique agencies that often hit a wall technically in terms of supporting a client they

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Putting the “Person” in Personalization: What You Can Do that the Tools Can’t

To make sure you can provide your clients and customers with the most positive and personalized experience possible, take a crack at the following. You may find it makes all the difference in your customer base… and that your client’s loyalties only increase as your level of personal attention does.  This is the first step in a trend towards personalizing

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