Ken Fischer


Brand Reviews and Reputation:  The Online Trust Factor

Why Your Brand Matters A brand’s reputation and online reviews can be the rise and/or fall of an entire online presence.  With an ever increasing number of consumers choosing to look at a brand’s reputation online prior to purchasing, it is essential that owners and companies closely monitor and audit their online reviews. A brand’s visibility and online conversion is

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Putting the “Person” in Personalization: What You Can Do that the Tools Can’t

To make sure you can provide your clients and customers with the most positive and personalized experience possible, take a crack at the following. You may find it makes all the difference in your customer base… and that your client’s loyalties only increase as your level of personal attention does.  This is the first step in a trend towards personalizing

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Pack a (Personalized) Punch: Why Personalization is the Future and How to Get on Board

Have you ever seen an advertisement or encountered a website that spoke to you so thoroughly and specifically that you wondered if the writers had, in fact, crawled inside your brain and siphoned your thoughts without your knowledge? This eerie yet satisfying feeling is the mark of a campaign well done: that a reader and potential customer feels like his or her

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Google Says Go Mobile or Get Lost! Really?

Yes, Really. Starting this past Monday Google announced it will use ‘mobile-friendliness’ as part of its ranking criteria. Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website Just think about the last time you looked up a website on your smartphone that wasn’t mobile friendly and you already know why. Mobile sites have a lower bounce rate (the term for when people look

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