American Association of Tissue Banks

Technologies Employed
Drupal, Salesforce Integration, Association Management System (ASM) Integration, Search Engine Optimization, Security and Maintenance, Hosting with Dedicated Server and Redundant Server

What We Did

We developed a secure microsite to transform a renowned scientific publication into a searchable, digital application for global medical and scientific communities.
As a Registered Salesforce ISV Program Partner, we integrated the client’s new site and legacy AMS with Salesforce for a positive customer experience.
We created a more professional website for the client using a more robust CMS (Drupal) that was responsive and mobile-friendly.
We applied search engine optimization expertise to optimize the new website, which boosted online findability.

Executive Summary
Our client, the American Association of Tissue Banks, had outgrown their existing digital technology. Of note was their objective to transform a world-renowned scientific publication into a digital product. This item would need to meet the expectations of the scientific and medical communities for the foreseeable future.

There were also challenges with their their legacy CMS system. For example, they were not able to efficiently manage paid subscribers seeking online access to key research publications. Atigro developed a microsite to securely manage the newly digitized publication, resulting in expanded usage and search functionalities.

Our solutions bridged gaps between the website, AMS and legacy customer database systems. We also helped the client transition to a more suitable CMS (Drupal), for a professional website with advanced search features. And, as a Registered Salesforce ISV Program Partner, Atigro integrated existing systems with Salesforce.

The client identified specific goals and objectives. Among these was the need for a more professional website and online presence. As a nationally recognized association, AATB wanted their online presence to reflect their status to both the global scientific community and the general public. At the time we first began working with them, their website had become outdated, and did not adequately represent their organization’s stature. The client also wanted to increase their online findability.

In addition, their website was not addressing a critical element. They were struggling to manage paid user access to grant and manage access to critical data. AATB needed a solution to manage subscribers, with a focus on content accessibility. Their existing association management system (AMS) could not provide subscribers with secure, managed access to content, nor was it compatible with more complex CMS platforms, such as Drupal. Beyond that, their AMS did not integrate with Salesforce, which management indicated was a key requirement.

A third critical element was the client’s requirement to transition from a print product to a digital format. Due to the importance of AATB’s industry guidances, which are routinely referenced by scientific and academic communities, extreme importance was placed on the transition process, which required a thorough evaluation and comprehensive solution.

Determine Best Technology
From the onset, it was clear that the client needed a thorough review of their existing technologies to understand what technologies they had, what was working for them, and what was causing unnecessary challenges.

By working closely with the client, Atigro pinpointed AATB’s specific goals and objectives. And in the process, we identified specific solutions to satisfy those requirements.

Based on client requirements, we determined that they needed a more robust CMS than the WordPress platform. Drupal was selected based on its advanced functionalities, search capabilities and stability.

Atigro developed the new website’s information architecture to take full advantage of the client’s strong content creation competencies.

The new website transitioned the client to a more professional website that was responsive and mobile-friendly. In addition, we applied search engine optimization expertise to optimize the new website, which boosted online findability.

Of note is our coordinated work with a design partner. This Atigro partner has superior design experience, combined with specialized expertise in the scientific and association sectors.

Atigro designed and implemented a solution to integrate the client’s existing data and processes with new technologies.

The result was a seamless process that saved the client time while ensuring a positive customer experience. With our solution, users could input and update data at one point, and automatically have that information populate across multiple channels.

As a Registered Salesforce ISV Program Partner, we integrated the client’s new site and legacy AMS with Salesforce, which resulted in a secure, reliable, and effective solution. This enabled the client to more efficiently manage members, users, and access to the platform.

Digital Publication
AATB provides the medical and scientific community with the world-renowned Standards for Tissue Banking, a published reference guide that is recognized as the global standard for scientific protocols and procedures related to tissue banks and their operations.

As such, it was imperative that the print version of the publication be available in a digital format. More importantly, how the data was accessed, searched, and used became a critical factor. Atigro transformed the publication to impress members of the scientific community, giving them a user experience that exceeded their expectations.

We created a password-protected microsite so that AATB staff and their users could enjoy seamless integration with their digital publications. Our solution enabled users to log into the AMS and then be redirected to the microsite. Essentially, we created a site within a site to meet the demanding requirements of the client and their users.

The microsite was developed specifically for the Standards for Tissue Banking publication and gives users secure, convenient access. We incorporated advanced search features into the site to meet the expectations of the scientific community. Our solution works for both members and subscribers, who may have different use objectives.

The American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) is a professional, non-profit, scientific and educational organization.

Based in McLean, Virginia, it is the only national tissue banking organization in the United States, and its membership totals more than 130 accredited tissue banks and 2,000 individual members. These banks recover tissue from more than 30,000 donors and distribute in excess of two million allografts for more than 1.75 million tissue transplants performed annually in the U.S. The majority of the human tissue distributed for these transplants comes from AATB-accredited tissue banks.

AATB’s publication, Standards for Tissue Banking, is recognized in the U.S.and around the world as the definitive guide for tissue banking. Additionally, AATB publishes standards, accredits tissue banks and certifies personnel. The association also interacts with regulatory agencies and conducts educational meetings.

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