Weekly SEO News Roundup – February 22, 2019

Good afternoon and welcome to our new weekly SEO news roundup! Below you will find various articles we read and shared over social media in the past week that we feel are important to read. If you have anything else you’d like to share or bring to our attention that didn’t make it on to the list, hit us up on Twitter and we’ll take a look at it.

Google Search Console

Google Webmaster Central Blog – Help customers discover your products on Google: Google has added a new section called “Product” to Google Search Console to support e-commerce websites. It looks like the main way to trigger this is to add Schema markup to your product pages.

Search Engine Land – Google Search Console sending alerts for big ranking, traffic drops: Barry Schwartz reports that Google is experimenting with a new alert. Did you receive one of these?

Google My Business

Search Engine Land – Google Q&A: More than 90 percent of questions unanswered by business owners: Greg Sterling passed on an interesting insight from a recent ThriveHive report: most business owners aren’t answering questions asked by searchers in Google My Business profiles; instead, local guides are. This presents an opportunity for business owners everywhere.

Content Creation

Content Marketing Institute – How to Use Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Pages as an SEO Treasure Trove: If you have limited time, this is one of the articles you should read from this list. Mike Murray at Content Marketing Institute presents a few different ways to evaluate and optimize FAQ pages. Highlights include experimenting with page titles and considering breaking your FAQ page up into a section with a page per question.

Search Engine Journal – 10 Journalism Skills Every Content Marketer Needs: Journalism and content creation overlap in many ways, which is why you should start thinking and acting like a journalist when you create content. Ron Lieback covers 10 aspects you should adopt, including the formula for research and writing and deploying an editorial calendar. One thing that is surprisingly missing, however, is using an inverted pyramid, which places the most important information first.

Search Engine Journal – 17 Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Content: This article by Krista Neher is an excellent and quick refresher on content creation and promotion. Odds are you have forgotten a few of these tips and tricks, which is why you should review the list and find at least 3 that you can immediately deploy today. The immediate one we recommend is to repurpose your content – you made the investment in it, so get more ROI out of your best-performing pieces of content by turning it into something else in a different medium, such as turning a blog post into a video or vice versa.


Search Engine Watch – Link reclamation: A practical guide for turning unlinked brand mentions into links: James Brockbank at Search Engine Watch gives a practical methodology to find unlinked brand mentions – when other content references a company – and conduct outreach to try to turn that mention into a backlink.

Search Engine Watch – Lessons learned from launching 100+ content-led link building campaigns: In another article, Brockbank offers 9 lessons he learned about link building efforts, including an interesting insight that you will need to exercise your email optimization abilities to improve your conversion rate with interested parties.


Search Engine Journal – SEO Maintenance Checklist: Crucial Daily, Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly Tasks: While this article isn’t anything groundbreaking, it is a reminder about the routine things you should be doing, auditing, and reporting on to clients. If you don’t have an existing checklist, start here.

Theory / Advanced

Moz – The Influence of Voice Search on Featured Snippets: Featured snippets and voice search are now going hand-in-hand. This article discusses how the voice search process turns into a query and how subsequent searches are modified, with the obvious thing impacted and referenced as the answer being featured snippets.

Go Fish Digital – Add to Your Style Guide Annotation Text: A New Anchor Text Approach: Bill Slawski reports on an update to a Google patent. Annotation text, the text surrounding anchor text, may be used to help explain the relationships and context between the text that is used as a link and the piece of content it points to.

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