YouTube Will Remove All Pop-up Video Annotations in January 2019

YouTube announced it will quit showing video annotations beginning January 15, 2019. YouTube originally launched the annotations editor in 2008, when YouTube videos were watched on a laptop or desktop computer, but they never made this feature available on mobile devices. With at least 60% of YouTube’s watch time now on mobile, most of the viewers generally do not see annotations, and they disabled the ability to create annotations last year, so this is a small change.

Instead of annotations, YouTube added interactive cards, which are mentioned by a small ‘i’ in the right-hand top corner, to videos in 2015. These cards are generating 7 times more clicks than YouTube Annotations. They also added end screens in 2016. Both of these are good opportunities to engage with YouTube’s audience.

Again, this is a small change considering it has not been possible for you to add them since last year, so ending annotations is for the better on YouTube.

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