Google Updates PageSpeed Insights Tool

This week Google updated it’s PageSpeed Insights tool by incorporating its Lighthouse audit tool into it. Instead of showing scores for desktop and mobile load times with a list of recommendations and which evaluations it passed, the improved tool now shows how fast it takes a page to load different components, presenting the data points Lighthouse ordinarily shows.

What the Improved PageSpeed Insights Now Shows:

The improved Google PageSpeed Insights tool now shows you how fast your pages load based on original user data (Field Data and Origin Summary) and emulated devices (Lab Data), plus ways you can improve your page load times (Opportunities), additional information about how components loaded (Diagnostics), and the different checks your page passed (Passed Audits).

Field Data / Origin Summary: Field Data and Origin Summary show you information about how real visitors load your page. This section assigns a designation of Fast, Slow, and Average, and shows user percentages for First Contentful Paint (FCP) & First Input Delay (FID). Note that not every site may have data available for display.

Lab Data: Google PageSpeed Insights tool fetches and analyzes the page using Lighthouse, which simulates how a mobile device and desktop computer loads a page. Lab Data gives a set of Performance Metrics like First Contentful & Meaningful Paint (when content first shows to the user) and other site speed Information.

Opportunities: Google PageSpeed Insights gives more information about a page’s performance metrics and provides suggestions about how to improve.

Diagnostics: PageSpeed Insights gives more information about the performance of your page.

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