July Deadline is Fast Approaching

Major browsers are taking aggressive steps to increase the security across the web by encouraging unsecure websites (noted by the “http” at the beginning of the website url) to move to HTTPS for all pages. Beginning July 2018, Google will actively flag sites that are not https-compliant as “Not Secure” in Google Chrome. Firefox already does this.

We are sending you this notice because your site is still not https, and we strongly recommend you make the transition ahead of the July 2018 deadline.

Having an HTTPS-enabled website matters because it secures the connection between your website and site visitors. This extra security prevents certain kinds of vulnerabilities from occurring, such as creating openings for malware and hackers to collect credit card information from online purchases and providing easy access to personal information when someone fills out a website form. HTTPS is also necessary for enabling many cutting-edge website features.

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