Putting Together the Right Sales Force for Your Digital Marketing Team

The measurement of success for most businesses around the world is in the sales figures. This is why the sales force is the focal point of any digital marketing team and must be filled with the right candidates. In an increasingly competitive business world, how can you find the best people for your sales force?

Don’t Stop Recruiting

Many businesses wait for when there is an opening for a salesperson before recruiting but this is not always the best approach. Hiring only when you need a salesperson puts you under pressure and you will be less likely to make well-measured decisions, instead choosing virtually the first person that shows the first signs of promise. Create a recruitment funnel that makes drip feeds into your sales team continually, within reason.

Create a Powerful Ad

When creating an ad, do not focus on the opportunity, the job or company. The core of the advert should be focused on describing the candidate you wish to hire based on the experiences of the past successes in the role.

Properly Identify Your Needs

What is missing in your team? Identify the gaps that need filling and make sure you are recruiting best matches to fill the roles. When there is no clear distinction on what you are looking for, it becomes difficult to know when you have found it.

Blend Out the Team Age

When recruiting sales people to join your digital marketing team, there is the tendency to ignore age. However, fresh graduates and older, more experienced heads are required to ensure a properly balanced team. The younger members of your team bring energy but older candidates provide mentorship and ensure an all-round robust and balanced team.

Ensure a Robust Interview Process

The interview process is critical. You have filtered candidates and referrals to a handful of high probability prospects.  The interview process should help you ensure you have the best possible candidates from the pool.  Your interview should incorporate the following:

Phone session: Spend time on the phone with candidates that have scaled through your assessment process. The call should be no more than 5 minutes and the reasoning behind it, is to determine experience level and be sure they give off the right vibes over the phone. Do they sound like someone you’d want representing your company?

Face to Face Interview: This doesn’t have to be physical. Video conference calls work just fine. During the interview process, challenge the candidate with powerful and proven sales interview questions that gauge emotional intelligence on the job and take note of how they respond. Ask questions related to their resume and challenge claims.

Final Stage: At this point, you already know if you’d like to have the candidate as part of your team. Sell them the opportunity and complete any leftover negotiations.

Be Decisive

It is important to note that the market for talent is highly competitive. Don’t make the mistake of operating as though you hold all the cards as the employer.  Like in other spheres of life, talented sales people have a lot of options open to them when they are seeking a new role. If you find someone that ticks all the right boxes, table an offer quickly or they will go to the competition.

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