What’s working? What’s not? Ways we can help your clients know the difference.

No question about it: marketing opportunities and technologies have skyrocketed in recent years, along with customer expectations and sophistication.

But with so many options, how can your clients know which digital marketing actions are most effective?

We can help. We are all about the numbers!

For example, we can set up a system that tracks incoming, first-time calls from pretty much any source: print or digital … sources such as email newsletters, social media campaigns, websites, direct mail, pay-per-click advertising, retargeted ads … even phone book ads and newspaper ads.

We provide monthly reports and regular update phone calls to offer insight and to strategize about what’s the next thing your client can do to get the best bang for their buck.

Many business owners find this information incredibly useful: data that helps guide decisions about where to put precious marketing and advertising dollars.

Can you think of any of your clients or friends who might want this service?

Let me know.

We’re here to help with our full-cycle digital solutions. Contact Jessie at 202-794-7276 (text or call) or at jessie@atigro.com

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