We do/make/create mobile (and web) apps too!

More and more companies need/seek/want apps for their businesses.

We can help them.

Mobile apps typically fall into four categories —

  1. Sales accelerators apps — apps that help move someone from a prospect to a customer;
  2. Field apps — apps that provide critical real-time data in the field and make it easy for people to communicate with the main office and with each other;
  3. Location-aware apps — apps that know where a consumer is and can provide relevant, timely information; and
  4. Consumer apps — apps that provide opportunities to engage your customers.

You may have clients who also need web apps (when they need their website to DO things, to integrate information, to provide specific results and information to prospects or customers). We do this, too, at Atigro.

We can often do a fairly quick assessment to see if what they need is a good app idea and what the general cost will be. We often need to do a discovery phase project to develop an exact quote, and you can understand why from your own work: Clients don’t always know exactly what they need (in terms of technical implementation), and the discovery phase turns over many stones and helps create a clear and specific framing of the project and deliverables.

More and more websites have apps and integrations built into them. (We’re seeing an uptick in this work more so than in mobile apps, actually).

When you hear your clients speak of such needs, bring us into the conversation. We’re here to help you keep your boutique clients by providing add-on services you can’t (or don’t want to) do, all the while keeping your contact and engagement with your clients high.

P.S. – Did you know: there are 2 million (and counting) apps in Apple’s store? And over 2.2 million in the Android app store? Yeesh!

We’re here to help with our full-cycle digital solutions. Contact Jessie at 202-794-7276 (text or call) or at jessie@atigro.com

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