Do any of your clients have really complex websites or site challenges?

There are gobs of website developers out there. Many of them doing really good work.

But every once in awhile a client’s website needs are simply too complex, even for web development firms with years of experience. (We know this because they often call us in to help out when they can’t handle the technical complexity of a certain job.)

It’s becoming harder and harder for companies with sites built on complex platforms such a .Net, DNN, Joomla, Drupal, Sharepoint and Sitecore (among others) to find reliable, professional, capable maintenance, development and support.

We do this.

One partner brought us in a job botched by another developer. Her client was in a panic. We were able to meet (and exceed) a tight deadline, we overperformed beyond the client’s expectations and we came in significantly under the price point they thought they were going to have to pay.

And they’re now expanding the project scope and asking us to do more work with them.

On your side of things, tune into your clients’ conversations about their websites. Ask them about their support. Are they satisfied with it? We’d be happy to provide a quote for site maintenance. It’s likely that our services will cost less–while providing more value–than their current vendor provides.

And monthly maintenance contracts are good for you too! You get paid a 10 percent commission on ALL the work you bring to us.

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