Why your clients need responsive sites now

Looking to generate some fairly quick and easy income from your current client list?

Do a simple 60-second test to see if your clients’ websites are truly responsive.

You might be surprised to discover how many businesses still have non-responsive websites … sites that don’t display well on all devices and screen sizes.

And this is a gold mine for Atigro leads and income for you.

Why? Google controls page ranking for most search and they push non-responsive sites farther down in page ranking.

Lower page ranking means fewer organic visitors.

Fewer organic site visitors means fewer prospects and sales.

Fewer sales means sad face.

For us, if a website is fairly simple, the cost to map the old site to a responsive site is $2,200 and up. For more complex sites, the price goes up, of course.

For each nonresponsive lead you send us, if they become a client, that’s $220 (or more) in your pocket, plus if they go with a maintenance or SEO plan, there will be monthly commission checks sent to you.

To test if a site is responsive, simply paste a URL here and get the results in a flash.

Simple enough, right?

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