The website blame game … and how to help your clients avoid it

Ever heard your clients complain about a conversation that went something like this?

“My website isn’t working, so I called my designer. She said it was the web developer’s problem, so I called them. They said it was a hosting issue. The hosting company said SEO was the problem. But when I called my SEO group, they told me the problem lay with my designer. Gah! I’m back to square one and no one can (or will) help me!”

Our clients don’t have these kinds of issues. We solve these problems for clients easily and usually with less overall expense.

We provide a one-stop shop for website hosting, SEO, web and app development and more!

(Of course, if you, as a partner, do any of these services, we’ll complement you where you work directly with your client and support your activities to ensure we don’t compete with you.)

So, call me if you hear any of your clients caught in this type of website blame game. We can throw them a life raft and get them safely to shore.

Have a great day!

We’re here to help with our full-cycle digital solutions. Contact Jessie at 202-794-7276 (text or call) or at

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