An overview of how you get paid when you send us leads

As an Atigro partner, we pay you commission for leads you bring to us who become clients. You probably want to know: Who do I get paid? Always a legit question when talking business.

First, we pay a 10 percent commission for leads that become clients. Simple enough.

We also pay 10 percent on any site maintenance or SEO contracts (basically any ongoing monthly service). And who doesn’t want ongoing monthly income?

And we pay 10 percent for the life of a client. Once we start working with a particular client, that client is connected to you in our database and accounting systems, so even if you don’t know about a project we do for one of your leads down the road, we do, and you’ll get paid.

You get paid in the first week of each month for any commission we received in the previous month.

If you have any questions about our commissions and payments, simply ask!

Have a great day!

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