A reminder about Atigro’s partnership program and commission agreement

Just a quick follow-up about Atigro Digital Marketing’s partnership program.

We can help you expand your income opportunities and broadening your offerings, all the while supporting your ability to stay focused on your niche offerings and areas of expertise.

We can be an extra set of hands for complex, technical digital marketing projects that you don’t have the time or resources to handle. (Equally, you can offload other drudgery of maintenance or gruelingly tedious projects.)

When tuning into your client’s needs, please know the primary areas where we help businesses is with —

  1. Better websites
  2. Being found online (SEO, search engine optimization)
  3. Creating apps (mobile and web apps)
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Maintenance (website tweaks, updating themes and plug-ins, adding content to a site, etc. …We’ve got some really nice packages for businesses of all sizes. More on this in another email)

And you get paid a 10 percent commission on all leads that become clients.

Ten percent on the first project.
Ten percent on the maintenance plan or on an SEO monthly package.
Ten percent on all future jobs from that client. This is a life-time referral fee we pay.

Please keep a lookout for clients that seem like a good fit. And if you’re not sure if someone is a good fit, give me a call or send me an email anyway. I can always have our team take a quick look at a project and check.

Stay tuned. I’ll send some short emails your way that are designed to help you see how your clients and network may benefit from our services, and how you can stay focused on your areas of expertise.

Have a great day!

We’re here to help with our full-cycle digital solutions. Contact Jessie at 202-794-7276 (text or call) or at jessie@atigro.com

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