Hack, hack, hack! Ouch! Preventing the agony of the single backup.

Ever had a client or friend lose part, or all, of their site from a malware attack?

Ever received a frantic call from a client needing emergency help to get their site restored?

Ever visited a business’s site only to discover, unbeknownst to them, that they are now selling various non-regulated drugs, or illicit pharmaceuticals on their site?

We have!

One of the biggest problems we encounter when someone calls us about a hacked site is that their hosting service only has one backup. And oftentimes the malware and hack is caught a bit too late and the last available backup is corrupt. After all, much of this malware is designed so that it’s not observed by you!

Malware can eat a website’s data for lunch! And once malware gets its teeth into your client’s site, it can be hard to get rid of.

Unfortunately, with malware attacks clients can —

  1. Lose data (and all that work to get a website approved and published);
  2. Lose their reputation (Few people appreciate opening a Viagra website when they click on what looks like a legit link);
  3. Lose Google search rankings (Google no like hacked sites. Google no like!); and
  4. Lose money (A site that’s down means people can’t find services or their location, can’t fill out a contact form or inquire about their offerings).

With Atigro’s secure hosting, malware prevention and maintenance plans, we provide multiple off-site hostings that protect your clients’ sites in the event of an attack, and we are able to recover their content from before the hack.

This extra protection is a safeguard against ransomware–the unfortunate event in which malware attacks your site and takes it down and then some repugnant company says they will only restore the site if they are paid. No fun!

You’re safe with us!
In over two and a half years, we have never had a successful attack on a site we host. (Trust me, we get attacked all the time, but none have penetrated through.) In addition to the extraordinary effort we take to prevent malware, we also thoroughly vet and check all sites before we host them, as oftentimes malware is lurking, yet unseen.

And, while we’re proud of our record, in the event that there was a successful attack, we have a team of security experts on hand, 24/7 to go in and repair a site within the hour!

Yes, there are hosting options that are much cheaper. But the reality is that this level of service, protection and security costs more, and your clients simply aren’t getting this level of protection, security and support with the bottom-priced hosting options.

As someone your clients trust, if you hear of any of your clients or associates talking about their site being hacked, that’s a great time to talk to them about moving to a secure hosting, malware protection and maintenance plan such as the kind we provide at Atigro.

In case you’re wondering, secure hosting plans start at $70/month and include a half hour of maintenance per month.

We’re here to help, to safeguard and protect your clients’ sites and to provide peace of mind.

I hope you have a great, malware-free day!


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