A kinda-geeky, yet very functional, workshop on opting blog posts

No question about it, we love doing SEO! And for all the hootin’ and hollerin’ that says SEO is a black hole of wasted money, we resoundingly disagree. And so do our clients and their monthly stats and analytics.

Now, as you know, SEO is part art and part science, a blend of strategy, technical know-how and content. Tough to teach, right?!

What we have found is that in empowering clients to manage more of their content-focused SEO, they then can hire us (or you, if that’s what you do) for more strategic and technical SEO support that they simply can’t do so in house.

And with the combined forces of these three legs (strategy, technical know-how and content), your clients’ SEO rankings and results are bound to be significantly better.

That’s why we’ve created a 90-minute workshop called Optimize your Blog Posts like an SEO Pro. The workshop is detailed, specific and actionable. Our preference is to provide the workshop at a client’s site, though we can and will do webinars if requested.

What will attendees learn?
They will learn how to optimize a blog post for SEO at a professional level. We provide eight separate checklists–one for each aspect of a blog post–and extensive information, tips and perspective on why the action is important and how to implement it.

How long is the workshop?
We have two options: The first option is a 90-minute workshop where we walk through all the aspects of optimizing a blog post (like a pro!); and the second option is a three-hour hands-on version of the same workshop where we also take one of your client’s actual blog posts and walk through the optimization process. It’s eye opening and can be quite transformative for your client’s content team.

Who usually attends the workshops?
We find that the marketing, communications and web teams are good audiences for this workshop: editors, bloggers, management and webmasters are frequent attendees.

What type of companies are good candidates for this workshop?

  1. Any client of yours that is producing content for a regular blog is a good candidate for this workshop.
  2. Associations and organizations that produce journals and extensive content are particularly good candidates.
  3. Organizations that want to position executive leaders, or the company itself, as thought leaders. SEO and blogs are an integral and key element of thought leadership today.

How do you benefit?
SEO is tough! Tough to learn. Tough to do. And your clients, for the most part, are probably struggling with this. By letting them know of the workshop, you’re bringing a partial solution to their SEO and ranking woes. You get to be the good guy (or gal).

How do your clients benefit?
They’re empowered! They’re able to build on what they’re already doing (writing blog posts and articles) and enhancing the ability of that content to be found online. They save money and time by doing more SEO in-house. And, they are able to build stronger SEO presence for their site.

Well, there’s more too it, of course, but you have clients to serve and stuff to do!

We’d love to help your clients opt their blog posts like a pro!

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