Niggling site updates, be gone! (With our help, that is.)

Do you struggle with doing (and managing) those niggling website updates for clients?

The stream of emails asking,

“Can you just add this photo?”

“We need to install a new plug-in;” or

“We have a new services page, can you add that to our site, please?”

These small, seemingly inconsequential updates, can be a drain on you and your business. They’re often a bother to charge for; they can be a challenge to track and invoice; and, well, frankly, often small disruptions to your day can have big impact on your overall efficiency and creativity.

We can help.

We offer maintenance plans for just such situations.

Here is how it works:

1. Your company has a maintenance account with us
Your company can be on a maintenance plan for a certain number of hours of support each month and you can forward any niggling client site updates to us. We’ll do the work, resolve the issues and track the hours. Or,

2. Set your client up with a maintenance account
You can set up your clients with an Atigro site maintenance account. Your client will then send support tickets directly to us. You get paid commission on this work, and we respect the boundaries of the services you provide, sending your clients back to you for any work in your realm. (We’re an extra set of hands … not a competitor with your clients.)

However you choose to set things up, our goal is support you in doing the kind of work you like to do best, all the while making sure that your clients are also supported with reliable, efficient, cost-effective maintenance and support.

So, the next time you feel overwhelmed with an onslaught of niggling site update requests from a client, reach out. We can help.

Check out our Atigro Partners site!

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