Our Atigro Partner Program page is up. Any questions I can answer?

As you may know, Atigro often partners with web design and marketing professionals (as well as others in the field), bringing deep technical expertise with SEO, web integrations, digital marketing and app development to the table.

We find that this partnership works really well for boutique agencies that often hit a wall technically in terms of supporting a client they want to be able to keep, but are in danger of losing to a larger agency.

Let me tell you a quick little story.

One of our partners came to us with what was a difficult project requiring some complex programming. It was a project for the Department of Justice, contracted to a large university, that subbed out some work to a government contracting agency that subbed the work to a developer that, that, that … You know how this goes.

Everything was fine until it wasn’t: If a milestone in the project wasn’t completed by a specific date (less than a month away), payment wasn’t going to be made, which would trickle down and affect all the subcontractors.

Nothing fun about that.

One of our partners was brought in to help fix the problem, but the project was a bit beyond her 15+ years of web development work and skill. She called us. Within 24 hours, we were on the phone with her and the client (over a holiday weekend!) and, well, the long and the short of it is that we finished this project to the client’s satisfaction and did so days before the drop-dead delivery date.

Our partner got to save the day for her client, she earned a ten percent commission and she’ll probably get more work from this client … and more referrals.

And that’s just one of many stories where one of our partners was able to keep, serve and possibly upsell a client on more services, all the while earning a ten percent commission for the work referred to us.

So, kindly, take a look at our partner website, let me know if you have any questions or need more info, and let’s stay in touch! If you ever have a client or job that you’re not sure if it’s a fit for us, just ask. Text, email, a call, Zoom or a meeting.

Until we speak again,

Jessie Newburn
Atigro Partner Program Manager
202-794-7276 – text/call

Check out our Atigro Partners site!

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