Web Development: Sharepoint Integrations

What is Sharepoint?

Sharepoint is a software platform made by Microsoft with the purpose of providing a platform for collaboration. It was released fairly recently, but has already generated a lot of buzz. Many businesses are starting to use it for its simplicity, power, and efficiency.

Why Should Businesses Use Microsoft Sharepoint?

For once, it is a web platform, which means anyone with an Internet browser can use it. It is optimized to work with all common browsers. Even though it is a Microsoft product, it is compatible with Apple browsers and devices. The software has been thoroughly quality tested, and is bug and glitch free.

The biggest reason to use Microsoft Sharepoint, however, is that it is very versatile. You can use it develop any kind of website with any number of people. It can even be used for projects other than websites. The program is particularly good for building apps, and can even do CRMs (although there may be better CRM builders out there).

Using Microsoft Sharepoint With Other Microsoft Projects

One of the best things about the program is the integration with other Microsoft products. This is vital as the Microsoft Office suite is still the standard office software for the majority of companies. If the employees are familiar with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, they will be able to use Sharepoint. The program integrates with the Office suite so well that multiple people can work on the same document at the same time, then publish it as a web page accessible to mobile devices instantly.

Sharepoint development made sure to include compatibility with Microsoft’s hit program OneDrive for Business as well. This program allows companies to give each of their employees an individual cloud storage account, while the company controls who has access to each account and also pays a discounted group rate.

In addition to the specific benefits of OneDrive, there are the benefits of cloud storage in general. Now, businesses don’t need to worry about losing vital data, including web development data, if there is a crash. OneDrive also has very strong security measures, so data stored there is safe. It’s clear to see why this program was important in the Sharepoint development process.

Reservations About the Program

While many people are pleased with the Sharepoint development tools, some users have had issues with the product. It certainly is powerful, but it can also have a steep learning curve. Also, while it is very compatible with Microsoft products, it often does not work well with programs from other companies. Finally, while some less advanced users found the Microsoft program to be above their computer abilities, some very advanced users were disappointed by the lack of advanced features.

Sharepoint’s Learning Curve

The platform was designed to be easy to use, but it was only partially successful on this front. Sharing documents is one feature that is easy for everyone to use. However, all of the more advanced features can be confusing to some. It is important for business owners to consider the computer literacy of all their employees. A 22 year old IT person probably will be able to handle it, but a 60 year old accountant might have some trouble.

The Problem of Compatibility

Microsoft likes to talk about their software’s integration with Office and OneDrive, and this truly is a feature. However, Sharepoint’s compatibility with non-Microsoft programs is a serious issue. For example, people who are not using Internet Explorer often have problems undertaking simple tasks such as opening or sharing a document. A significant minority of professionals in this day and age use other browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These users are going to have serious problems with many of Sharepoint’s features.

Lack of Features

Sharepoint’s intended to be very user friendly, even if it isn’t necessarily a complete success in this area. This intention, however, may be the culprit behind the relative lack of advanced and powerful features in the product. Some power users may be disappointed that the program doesn’t do more, like let them put together all of the pages for a website at once.

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