What Makes CakePHP So Great?

Since its release in 2005, CakePHP has risen to become one of the top open source frameworks used in PHP websites. The rapid growth in this framework has given birth to effective ways of developing web services with a lot of uniqueness. In this post, we are going to look at the features available in this framework that has made it a darling to many web developers worldwide.

It Adheres Completely to MVC Pattern

As we all know, MVC pattern is crucial in web design. It helps save data and consolidates several queries into a compound database. In addition, MVC patterns allow the user to update, remove or read a given model class. Because a large scale web application needs to distinguish the logic from the display in a subtle and smart way, they require a framework that is compatible with MVC. It is its compatibility with the MVC model that makes the platform a better choice for large scale applications.

It Does Not Need Any Configuration

The framework does not have intricate XML files. This means that it is simpler to use during the initial stages when developing a website. There is no configuration needed. You only need to formulate the database and proceed with developing the web application or the website you want. This way, you can save a lot of precious time you could have used in configuring the software.

CakePHP Supports Many Languages

As a web developer, you want to come up with something that will be relevant to a wide range of people across the world. Language is often a limiting factor when it comes to usability of a web application. Luckily, the framework allows us to use more than one language when developing. It is compatible with many languages across the world hence there is no language barrier that might hinder a developer from working on a web application.

It is Fully Compatible With Object Rotational Mapping Technique (ORM)

We have ORM techniques such as Hibernate for Java, SQLAlchemy for Pythons and DBLx:: Class for Perl. Luckily, CakePHP is fully compatible with all the techniques. The software stores the data in the form of tables and is capable of showcasing them as classes. Therefore, it is able to define the relationships between different tables using the classes. Also, the framework can easily predefine all the validation and callback definitions in the large scale web application.

CakePHP  Reduces Coding

Coding is time-consuming and tiresome. Finding a software or any other solution that reduces the need for coding is the best thing that a developer wants. With the framework’s inbuilt coding libraries, the coding work for the developer reduces significantly. This way, you can come up with an application within a short time compared to when you have to write each code by yourself.

It is Secure

This PHP framework has several tools you can use for input validation and protecting your forms from interference and tampering. Other tools available help protect from XSS, CSRF and SQL attacks. It is also a good web building tool licensed under the MIT license codes.

It is Free and Flexible to license

Just like any other PHP framework, CakePHP is popular because it is free and flexible when licensing. It is also easy to install and use, making it a better option for developers who deal with complex web applications used for commercial purposes.

It Allows for The Creation of Test Cases

Large scale web applications require a lot of test cases to work properly. CakePHP development provides you with a platform to create your own tests and customize the available ones. You can also check the critical points of the tests to ensure they are effective. This software comes in handy when you want to test the quality based on functionality and performance of a given application.

In case you are planning to build an application that could go viral, use CakePHP development for good outcome. The features discussed above will help you come up with the best application. If you are still hesitant, you are missing out a lot. Get the software and be ready for amazing experience using this PHP framework.

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