Sitecore CMS: Powering Personalization and Conversation Management

Web Dev: Sitecore CMS: Powering Personalization and Conversation Management

When it comes to selecting the best content management system (CMS) for your business enterprise, there are endless options. There is the good option, the great, the best, and of course, the hyped/ill-advised option. Across the globe, however, most high-end companies tend to run Sitecore as their favorite CMS. So this brings forth the question: what makes this CMS so great?

To put it simply, the CMS’ scalability, flexibility, and security are the top aspects that make it most enterprises’ favorite, powering over 30,000 websites globally from some of the biggest international sporting tournament giants such as Barclays ATP World Finals to high-end financial powerhouses like the American Express.

For beginners, the CMS is the final sourcebook of marketing power tools and resources, especially if you are familiar with its architectural patterns and best practices. It is more than a mere enterprise-grade CMS; it has advanced into an entire web framework and boasts of special insights and features that eliminates the grunt work from the digital grind.

Here is a brief overview of the top highlights that makes this versatile CMS popular, especially among companies with high traffic.


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Extra Person Touch

Sitecore development allows you to create valuable consumer insights by integrating special features that define personas. It gives you an opportunity to provide every website visitor a bespoke experience with content personalization, A/B multivariate testing, marketing automation, and search engine optimization.

So from managing effective communication to supporting both internal and external translation, the CMS provides an intuitive and customized solution for content developers and editors via a highly tailored templating system. In other words, it gets the right and intended message to the right people at the right time.

Faster Speeds

Sitecore’s controlled caching and ASP.NET 4.5 framework enables it to operate bigger functional sites at great speeds. Whether you prefer to work within the CMS, or externally with other tools, Sitecore’s interface is designed and built to scale with an integrated debugging system and coding enhancements that save your energy, time, and many-a-headache. Its programming speeds are optimized from all angles giving you an opportunity to build high-level web solutions for all your lead generation initiatives.

Easy integration with other third-party applications

Besides simplifying your publishing process, the CMS can also be extended and easily integrated with other third-party applications such as SharePoint and Google Analytics. This is achievable via standard development practices provided by the .NET framework. Irrespective of the database that you connect it to, the CMS will still read and deploy data as if it’s its own. Developed with performance in mind, the CMS can be configured on any server architecture irrespective of its size, shape, or display standards.

Mobile Compatibility and Optimization

Today, companies must have the capability to support digital conversation with their client base through mobile channels and can never afford to lose the potential business opportunities generated by the vast number of users who access their businesses via mobile devices. Sitecore development provides businesses with the capability to automatically detect mobile devices and provide a cohesive customer experience. Unlike other CMS, this content is never duplicated but efficiently and dynamically scaled and reused to the respective form factor dimensions seamlessly and automatically.

Other mobile optimization features that this CMS boasts of include:


  • Mobile API tailored for native Mobile Applications
  • Enhanced content editing features which allows for quick review and approval of workflow changes
  • Device-friendly templates that can easily be configured for any mobile device
  • “Future proofs” (tailored for future devices) that separate content from presentations
  • Form factor awareness that makes navigation device appropriate
  • GPS sensitivity that personalizes search results without the need for Zip codes
  • Screen Resolution sensitivity which automatically determines the appropriate quantity and layout to be served at any given time
  • Locale detection which enhances geographic content targeting


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a great .NET-based CMS, there are a wide range of products that will work for you. However, at Atigro,com, we would endorse Sitecore development, especially if you are looking for a CMS with a stable platform, fast development time, and ease of use content creation capabilities. The CMS gives your marketing team the power to deliver measurable and relevant experiences that will help you drive results across all channels. It is built to help you develop profound customer relationships.

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