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Progress has brought an improved editor, an events widget, and an enhanced ability to sync personalized content across sites to Telerik Sitefinity CMS and Digital Experience Cloud (DEC). With these tools, Progress builds on the most recent major release in which they provided:

  • 360-degree customer view
  • Multilingual asset support
  • Multipage forms support
  • Integrated mobile solution

An Editor for Today’s Complex Environments

Complex business environments generate a vast array of different kinds of content. Sitefinity’s latest editor enables users to deliver a consistent look for content across sites representing various departments and teams.

The new editor simplifies formatting while ensuring more consistent styling when pasting content from Microsoft Word documents. It brings content and styling together as one.

Events Widget

Effective calendaring is essential in today’s business world. People only attend and contribute to events they know about and have on their calendar.

The Events Widget makes it easier to connect people and events. The Events Widget is always available in the Sitefinity development environment.

A simple drag-and-drop maneuver will add an Events Widget to any page. Use the widget to do the following:

  • Choose which events to display.
  • Choose which calendars to include.
  • Break down which events to display by categories, by tags, by authors, and by dates.
  • Choose the identity and format of the page to be displayed when an event is clicked.
  • Determine how multiple events will be displayed.
  • Choose criteria for sorting events.
  • Create templates for event lists, event details, etc.
  • Choose to share with social media or not.

The Events Widget provides myriad options to make sure the right people know about the right events at the right time.

Improved Peronalized Sync Across Sites

sitefinity cms
When related sites get out of sync, people notice. A company’s reputation for professionalism can be damaged by a sloppy rollout of new content or new styles.

SiteSync, a new tool in the Sitefinity development environment, makes it easy for admins to sync personalized data across sites quickly and precisely. SiteSync pushes content to production servers precisely when the admin tells it to.

SiteSync has highly granular functionality. It can synchronize anything from specific documents to modules, sites, and frontend languages.

Pages, page templates, news items, events, content items, blogs and blog posts, images and image libraries, videos and video libraries, documents and files and document libraries, lists and list items, taxonomies, and sites, including all of their languages, can be pushed out using SiteSync.

Simply follow the process below to choose what, when, and how to sync:

  • Select which sites will be synchronized.
  • Choose what to sync. Synchronize all new or updated content, or choose selected items. The selection can be as general or specific as needed.
  • Sync immediately or schedule the sync to take place at any point in the future.
  • For items that need to be synced regularly, create a recurrent sync schedule.

360-Degree Customer View

Every business needs to know all they can about their customer interactions.

With the 360-Degree Customer View, data on all customer interactions are centralized. Visualization of the data is automated and standardized. Dynamic decision-making is the natural result.

Multilingual Asset Support

Businesses need language barriers to be a thing of the past. Sitefinity CMS Multilingual Asset Support streamlines the process of taking content from a single language and delivering it in all the languages that are needed.

Multipage Forms Support

Forms are used to gather data. When forms become unwieldy or break, data is lost or never collected.

Multipage Forms Support breaks forms into manageable pieces without losing any of their desired functionality. Data is collected when and where it should be.

Integrated Mobile Solution

Websites and mobile solutions must complement each other in today’s development world.

With Telerik Platform integration of mobile solutions with website development is straighforward. CMS can readily be integrated across platforms.

More Information

For more information on the releases described above (9.1 and 9.0) see the release notes and press release.

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