Web Development: Learn about Joomla

Why Choose Joomla as your Software Development Package
Today’s best websites are powered by content management systems (CMS) that are easy to use, allowing the user to make website changes without having to touch even one line of codes. Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla all come with great features, tons of possible customizations, strong security, and ease-of-use.


With a CMS market share estimated at over 9% and over 3% of the websites running on this platform, Joomla is powering the web/online web presence of thousands of large organizations, governments, small businesses, non-profits worldwide.

Benefits of Joomla Development

With this CMS, you can create extremely vibrant business websites irrespective of the scale. Starting from medium level business sites to even some of the most advanced sites, this platform dedicatedly helps you in building websites deemed to be live.

As a leading and award winning CMS, here are some of the features you will love.

Open Source, Free to use

This CMS has been developed and designed as open source online software. This means you can use it free in its base core system, making it widely used. Developers spread across the globe are continually contributing to building modules and extensions that fit seamlessly into the platform.

This also means that while you can use it freely in its basic form, there are some paid components which you can use on your project that will basically cost you considerably less compared to developing or designing that particular function from scratch.

It is Multilingual

This is the most widely supported and popular open source multilingual CMS platform across the globe, offering in total 66 languages. Content creators and webmasters can create websites that can be presented in several world languages, without having to step further than what the software platform has to offer. This obviously is a big advantage as it makes reaching bigger audiences possible.

Easy Updates

A major challenge faced by any software is how to keep it up to date. For this platform, however, it comes with a special feature for “One Click Version Update” that makes this process extremely easy for you no matter your skill level.

The updater that is inbuilt also comes with an automated checker that alerts you in case something requires updating, including notifications that touch on the core software extension utilizing this feature.

When you are using version 3.5.0, a new email update notification plugin checks for newer versions for you and if one is found, you get an email notification.

Good for Social Networking

Social networks are today recognized as powerful assets for any business site. With this software platform, you can have your website up and running easily and extremely quickly incorporating your favorite social networks.

Suitable for Commerce Sites

Joomla Development makes setting up your ecommerce store painless and quick. Of course, it is possible to do the same using either WordPress or Drupal but that in general requires special customizations and definitely more effort.

It is not Too Technical

It has taken the middle ground between the power of Drupal and the ease of WordPress website. The best aspect about it is that even most people who are not tech savvy should be able to run their website on this platform without needing to seek technical support.

Huge Development Community

This is one platform that comes with a huge developer community. There is no need of being afraid that your business website is being designed in a web development language that too complicated for developers. You can relax in the full knowledge that this CMS platform is one of the most popularly used systems programmed in .PHP language that is widely used by website developers.

Final Thoughts

Joomla is an award winning CMS. It is one of the most popular software development packages in the world used to build, manage, organize, and publish website content, blogs, Intranets and mobile applications. Because of its inherent scalable MVC architecture, this software is also an excellent base for building web applications.

Due to its open source nature, flexibility, and user friendly features, this platform is being extensively used globally in website development. Custom Joomla development is hugely popular because of the great huge number of plugins, extensions, and programs it offers. Users love it as it does practically anything on their websites, without sacrificing its inbuilt ease-of-use.

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