WordPress Web Design and Development Issues – Why Choose Fully Managed Solutions

Web Design and Development Issues?  We Have You Covered

Many business owners get frustrated and tired of having to deal with their websites, marketing and the ever-growing elements of keeping an online business up and running.  Web Design and Development Issues are common when getting a business going, and with Google’s constant updates, they have become more and more common.

Web Design and Development Issues

Choosing The Right Version WordPress

WordPress is an amazing CMS, or content management system, which makes web design and development a bit more manageable than a custom-coded website for instance.  There are new versions of wordpress:

WordPress.org (A self-hosted blog)

WordPress.com (A blog hosted on wordpress.com)

Benefits of WordPress – The Start

  • Easy Set-up
  • WordPress makes web design manageable
  • Ability to add functionality through WordPress plugins
  • Easy to manage through a hosting provider such as WordPress.com, Godaddy, Hostgator and many more.
  • Basic problems often times only require a backup from a previous date, when the website was working previously.
  • Typically inexpensive to maintain if set-up properly

Reasons to have WordPress Managed – Taking it to the next level

  • Basic updates or “Automatically Updated” plugins can cause conflictions and website errors if not tested and/or integrated properly.  This normally is outside of the hosting provider’s scope and the business owner’s capabilities.
  • Design updated beyond the “drag and drop” editor can involve coding elements such as PHP, HTML and CSS.
  • Design and Development issues happen from time to time, and uptime and efficiency is key to a website’s success, specifically with Google Updates.
  • Building upon the CMS can allow your site more functionality, enhanced features and ultimately more conversions.
  • Ease of mind management for the client – won’t have to call their developer, their host, etc.
  • No additional knowledge of coding, development required by the client.
  • Quicker response time for issues and/or changes on the website.
  • Ability to scale beyond the basic foundation of WordPress – including E-commerce, online publishing, advertising and much more!
  • Better than the basics security, antivirus, malware and SSL.
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly backups to keep your site backed up at multiple points in time.
  • Optimized images, videos and other content that can burden basic hosting with bandwidth and storage limitations.
  • Prevention of hacks, scams and traffic bots that can skew analytics and negatively affect site health

At Atigro, Web Design and Development issues are, well not issues, at least for the client.  We make sure that all of our clients have websites that not only look good, but also run smoothly as well.  From security solutions to updates and optimization, we are a premier provider of a wide array of web design and development services.

Areas we serve for design and development issues and ongoing marketing services:

  • Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas
  • Washington D.C. Metro and surround areas
  • Northern Virginia and surrounding areas

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