Drupal Development – The Top 10 Reasons for Using Drupal

The Top 10 Reasons for Using Drupal

Thousands of web developers use Drupal for their websites and web applications. Drupal is a CMS or an open source content management software or platform. Essentially, its flexibility and non-use or proprietary code are the primary reasons for the CMS’s popularity. Its flexibility gives developers access to a large market of Modules, Themes and Distributions for building and maintaining their web applications and sites.

However, the benefits of the platform don’t stop there. Below is a list of the top 10 reasons why developers choose the Drupal development.

Connects to Third-Party Services

Drupal websites are so flexible that they can easily interact to external file and media services. These interactions can lead to connections with top APIs and third-party services that help expand websites. Additionally, ample support of social media integration can increase a site’s reach and enable them to interact with a larger audience.

Can Easily Integrate E-commerce Modules

With custom Drupal development, open Modules and APIs make it easy to integrate payment gateways and e-commerce modules. E-commerce distributions are available to make this process as seamless as possible. These distributions include logistics handling, messaging, payment gateways, shopping cart management, customer relationship management (CRM), and more.

Offers Fast and Flexible Web 2.0 Development

The number one selling point of Drupal custom development is the flexible and fast Web 2.0 development. Custom Drupal development can include content management, forums, clean mark-up code, user log-in modules, search, blog publishing, polls and so much more. However, with all that Drupal development offers, website development is still quick and streamline. A site that would normally take months to build can be built in days with D rupal.

The CMS is Free

Because Drupal is open source, there are no recurring fees or licenses. The platform is completely free for developers to take advantage of. All a developer has to do is upload the CMS files onto their server and they are set for a lifetime.

Offers Thousands of Website Templates

Custom Drupal development offers a wide array of website templates to choose from. The platform’s large community of theme designers have designed thousands of feature-rich, aesthetically pleasing templates. These templates feature responsive layouts, a large collection of font options, thousands of stock graphics, and thousands of interchangeable color schemes. The layout editors make it easy to work with third-party design themes as well. Developers can choose a template from the many available or simply build their own.

This CMS is Incredibly Scalable

This CMS allows developers to expand websites and add as many pages as they like without changing those websites. A site can go from 1 page to 1000 pages without changing security or performance parameters. However, these parameters can be managed straight from Drupal’s Admin console if needed.

It is SEO Friendly

Drupal is an incredibly SEO-friendly CMS. Modern web publishing, powerful modules and clean code all make this SEO-friendly environment possible. Additionally, the Drupal platform is so flexible that third-party plug-in SEO modules can be added to enhance a site’s SEO initiatives.

Platform is Secure and Dependable

The threat of online code exploits is real, so CMS platforms must be secure to protect clients from website hacking. Drupal is known for its security and frequent security updates and patches. So, web developers and website will feel secure while offering their customers security as well.

Offers Extensive Content Development

Drupal is also popularly known for its powerful collaboration and content creation. Thousands of blogs and other content is created through Drupal development. Bloggers and content creators can use the CMS too easily create content, set user roles and permissions, publish their content and choose who can edit, share and view their content. This is a CMS that truly offers complete control of content development.

Free Modules

There are approximately 16,000 free modules offered by Drupal. Some popular modules include, Social Media, SEO, Security, CRM, Migrate/Backup and Performance. These modules help developers add specific features to websites in the quickest manner possible.

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